The Best Spots in High Point State Park

New Jersey is full of state parks to explore and if you haven’t checked out the northern-most (and highest-elevation!) park, now is the time!

Here are the best things to do in High Point State Park.

Photo Credit: Anna Pittas

The Appalachian Trail via Blue Dot Trail

Of course, one of the best things to do in a state park is hike!

You can check out many many hikes in High Point State Park — and some even loop back through New York State!

Check out the blue dot trail for views of two lakes and amazing vistas. And get your blood pumping by hiking part of the Appalachian trail on this route, too!

When hiking, make sure to wear hiking boots and bring other hiking essentials. There are bears!

Photo Credit: Anna Pittas

Some other amazing hikes include the Monument Trail Loop (3.5 miles), White Cedar Swamp Trail (2.6 miles), and High Point Summit (6.3 miles).

The Monument

Of course, visit the namesake! High Point monument was built in 1930 in honor of all war veterans. You can drive to a parking lot right near the monument, or hike there via various hikes.

You can see for MILES at the top of the 220-foot monument, which you can climb at various dates and times. Check the park website for more details.

Photo Credit: Anna Pittas

Sawmill Pond

Can you say gorgeous? Get here via the Sawmill Lake trail (1.1 miles) or the Sawmill Lake campground.

Want to go camping in New Jersey? Check out our camping map.

Photo Credit: Anna Pittas

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