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Top Gear for Hiking with Your Dog

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If you’re ready to hit the trails with your best furry friend, you will need to ensure you have the right gear for them.

Hiking Accessories For Your Dog

Just like us, humans need to have the proper footwear, clothing, accessories, and equipment, the same goes for our dogs.

Below are the NJspots Team’s picks for the best hiking gear for your dog to hit the trails in New Jersey.

Because every good boy or girl deserves to have their feet comfortable on the trail too!

Not only is it important to keep your dog’s feet protected, but it keeps them clean too! Also, these boots are helpful in preventing cuts and debris on their paws.

Measure, pick a size, pick a color, and GO!

“I used to use this when I ran and hiked with my dog. It was a great option for give and go.” – NJspots Founder, Virginia B.

HANDS-FREE – Great for on the go and not having to hold the leash the entire hike. Easy solution with adjustable waistband and bungee attachment for keeping your dog close.

Comes with a removable pack for holding treats, phone, and more!

Great for training, running, and hiking for your dog to carry some cargo along the way.

CUSTOM FIT – Great for hiking with the leash attachment, but also a 6-point custom fit for comfort.

Padded handle for easy handling and also multiple leash attachment points.

Easy to use and simple cleanup with squeeze bottle and attachment.

NO BOWL NEEDED – Leave your collapsable bowls at home! This convenient design is great for on the trail with minimal clean-up.

Simple attachment for carrying and simple bowl design for drinking.

They like clothing accessories too!

WEATHERPROOF – Keep your pup dry and warm with this hiking jacket for whatever the trail throws at you.

Warm and soft interior and windproof outer material.

Because S**T happens!

ECO FRIENDLY – These are great bags for on the go when your friend goes #2 in the woods.

Also, complete with a nice lavender scent!

Be prepared for your pet!

EMERGENCIES HAPPEN – Be prepared if your dog has an on-trail emergency and you need to assist them. You may want to pack Benadryl too!

Be prepared with bandages and more!

Looking for more gear?

Find more hiking gear for your dogs like backpacks, poop bags, and more.

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