5 Travel Essentials I Bring On Every Trip

It’s easy to get carried away with all the gadgets and accessories that are readily available in today’s travel inspired world, but these are some of my favorites that I never leave home without. Some of them you probably have, but it’s a matter of remembering them for your next trip.

Charging Accessories

, 5 Travel Essentials I Bring On Every Trip

This is an essential in today’s day in age of phones, wireless headphones, cameras, and so many other electronics, there’s not a worse feeling that see that little warning message come up on your phone about a low battery. I always travel with a few ways to charge; portable charger, a charging case for my phone, car charger, and even a solar charger I use on hikes.

Travel Book or Map


This may seem old-school, but there is no loading time when you open a book to read about the place I’m traveling to. Usually I buy Lonely Planet books for all the destinations I travel to. I like it as a resource to learn about a place before I visit and also while visiting it’s a great resource especially if I don’t know what kind of cell service I’m going to have. I also like to have a physical map (sometimes come with guide books) for the local area to get a good idea of where things are.

Camera & Accessories

This seems like an obvious choice, but my emphasis is on the accessories. I used to limit the amount of accessories or equipment I used to bring with my camera, like thinking I didn’t need my tripod or a certain lens. I’ve now realized that limiting myself or assuming I won’t use something only backfires consistently. I now travel with all of my camera equipment, so I don’t limit my creativity when I shoot.



This may sound like an obvious too, but I have spent a long time (longer than I’d like to admit) finding the right backpack for traveling. Recently I found the right backpack for my travels, a Lowe Pro PhotoSport bag which has all the pockets and storage I need. It’s not too bulky, it’s built for hiking including a place for a hydration pack, it holds a lot, and more importantly it has special storage area for my camera. It may not be what you are looking for, but think about the types of bag you need based on your travels and search for the right one.



This is the newest addition to my travels, the Gnarbox. This device allows me to store, upload, and edit full resolution photos while I’m traveling. Leaving the laptop at home, I can always make more room for capturing more photos while traveling. I also edit exclusively on my iPhone so, the Gnarbox allows me to do just that. Being rugged it allows me to feel like I have a solid device that can do so much without being delicate.

Some of these items may seem like simple essentials but they are crucial to making your travels easy and perfect for your needs. If you are going to spend money booking your trips and adventures, make sure you have the right gear and items you need to make the trip the best one yet

What do you bring on your travels? Tell us below!

, 5 Travel Essentials I Bring On Every Trip

Virginia Buechel, Founder of #NJspots

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