New Jersey Peaches – Right In Our Backyard!

Jersey Peaches

As mid-summer blazes on, slightly fuzzy, speckle-skinned, super juicy, and undeniably sweet peaches are exploding at farm markets throughout the Garden State. There’s nothing like biting into a Jersey peach, from that first break through the skin to the stream of juice that runs down your chin with each bite.

Jersey peaches are infamous, ranking right up there with Jersey tomatoes and blueberries. The state is spattered with over 90 peach orchards and is the 4th largest producer of peaches in the country! This is all thanks to the Garden State’s fertile soil and excellent growing season.

Many towns celebrate these blushing beauties with peach-themed events like Hammonton’s Annual Peach Party. You’ll find booths filled with peach-inspired baked goods, ice cream, drinks, wine-tasting, candles, contests, and crafts, as well as cooking demos, and of course, ripe local peaches!

Check out this recipe using peaches fresh from Hammonton’s own Pastore Orchards: Roasted Balsamic Peaches with Burrata and Basil

Roasted Balsamic Peaches with Burrata and Basil

Not only are Jersey peaches perfectly suited for recipes like these they also make excellent cocktails. Many restaurants are highlighting the seasonal fruit with peach mojitos and margaritas. Local wineries and breweries are crafting peach-flavored wines and beers like Winery’s “Just Peachy Sangria” and Spellbound Brewing’s “Peach IPA”. I’ve tried both, and they get a big thumbs up!

Looking to visit a farm or pick your own? Check out this list of Pick-Your-Own Peach Orchards from none other than a site called! That’s right the Jersey peach is so amazing, it has a website dedicated to helping people find that perfect peach anywhere in the state.

Get out there and find a Jersey fresh peach spot today, and let us know where you find one!

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