New Jersey Cranberries: A Tour of the Garden State Fruit

Closeup on left hand holding cranberry

When someone mentions the Pine Barrens, a few things come to mind: The Jersey Devil, “Piney Power,” and over a million acres of trees! That’s all I knew before getting a private tour by the most knowledgeable and kind woman at Whitesbog Village, a working farm and living history museum of the region’s blueberry and […]

Explore These 4 South Jersey Abandoned Spots

Brick archway over water in forest

Follow Our Writer One thing that New Jersey has a lot of is old buildings. As a result of being one of the earliest states in the United States, there are many places you can visit (check out our Top 5) with historical significance, like Princeton, Waterloo Village, and Allaire State Park.  Between the various […]

The Footbridges in Whitesbog Village

Follow Our Writer Previous Next Follow on AllTrails Cranberries aren’t just for Thanksgiving; Whitesbog Preservation Trust is not just “a restored historic village in the Pine Barrens.” Originally founded in 1857 by the J.J. White Company as an active cranberry/blueberry production center, there’s so much more to see on these 3,600 acres located in Browns […]