Through the Bogs of Burlington County: Black Run Preserve

Get out your hiking shoes (no really — your feet might get wet) and explore the bogs of South Jersey in this nature preserve. Here’s what you can find out in Burlington County.

Photo Credit: Victoria Meade

Hiking Trails

There are two main trails to explore in Black Run Preserve, but as with most New Jersey parks, you will find yourself meandering around the park as you go — if that’s the way you like to explore!

Take the Peaceful Partners trail (blue trail) 3.3 miles around the perimeter of the park. Here, you’ll loop around the lakes and bogs. 

You can also add the Peaceful Partners, Bog, and Long Path Trails together for a 3.8 mile stroll through the park. The trails are mostly flat and sandy, but take you through a variety of foliage. You might even find an abandoned car in the woods.

Make sure you pack your boots! The trail will be muddy after rain or snow.

Photo Credit: Victoria Meade

Explore in Other Ways

If you’re into mountain biking, pack it along! This park allows bikes. And if you want to make a day of it, check out our mountain biking map to find another trail nearby.

It is also a perfect park for your dog. Looking for more dog hiking spots? Look no further!

You can also geo-cache and birdwatch in this park — as well as shoot for sunset. This place has it all!

Photo Credit: Victoria Meade

Be Prepared

Make sure you’re outfitted with the best photo gear for hiking. Need photo gear? Check out our recommendations.

Have any more tips? Let us know in the comments. And happy hiking! 

Cover photo by Victoria Meade. Follow her on Instagram.

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