The Best Photo Opportunities in Asbury Park

The Best Photo Opportunities in Asbury Park

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  • Post published:08/20/2019
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My go-to location for photography is Asbury Park. What sets Asbury Park apart from other Jersey Shore towns is the unique array of photo opportunities.

Along the boardwalk, you’ll find lots of great architecture to photograph. At the north end, you have the Convention Hall. Its classic design is perfect for showing off in wide panoramic shots, or you can zoom in tight to capture the details.


Inside, there are lots of photos to be had of the details in the shops and restaurants — old and new! — as well as the marquee above the entrance to the Convention Hall itself.

At the south end of the boardwalk is the decaying Casino, carousel and power plant buildings. Get there at sunrise or sunset to capture awesome images in the beautiful light. Or try after a rainstorm, when you’ll have lots of puddles creating colorful reflections to incorporate into your images.


All along the boardwalk and around town, you’ll find beautiful street murals that make for great captures by themself or as back drops for fun portraits.

And if that’s not enough, you have the beach for awesome sunrise shots over the water, and this entire Asbury Park guide to, well, guide you!

So if you haven’t been in a while, head down to Asbury. Your camera (and your Instagram account) will thank you!

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  1. Joe Valencia

    I really like the image of Convention Hall – I have never seen anything taken from that perspective. Well done!

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