Best Dates & Times for Milky Way Photography in New Jersey in 2023

Starry night Milky Way Timelapse highway and mountain scene

Download The 2023 Milky Way Calendar Fill out the form below to get access. Calendar Credit to Capture the Atlas Photo Credit: JT Shimer FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM Peak Milky Way season is almost upon us here in the Garden State! Here are the best dates and times when the Milky Way and the galactic center […]

How To Stack Photos To Capture the Perfect Moon Shot

Mostly full moon black sky

You may have heard photographers or seen photos, which have been “stacked” and wondered what it meant, why it’s done, or how it’s done. Well, today you’ll find out the answers to all three of those. Stacking is more commonly called “focus stacking” and it is done to give a photo a greater depth of […]

Local Photographer Catches Early Milky Way Rising

Starry sky, with man holding lantern on boardwalk

On January 29, 2023, Local New Jersey Photographer Steven Sitarik captured the Milky Way Rising over the horizon at the Jersey Shore in Long Beach Island. Despite the weather forecast initially not being in his favor, he used his instincts to set up his camera and capture the galaxy in the night sky. You see […]

Local Photographer Captures Rocket Launch Over New Jersey

night sky with rocket passing over cedar shingle house on beach with stars

On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, New Jersey Photographer Matt Baron planned and timed his photo of the Rocket Lab launch of the Electron Rocket, nicknamed “Virginia is for Lovers,” as seen from the Judge’s Shack on Island Beach State Park. This launch was the first one from the US for the company. A New Zealand-based […]

Ultimate Guide for Night Photography in New Jersey

Where are the best dark areas in New Jersey for photos? New Jersey is an excellent place for photographers looking to capture stunning photos in dark areas. High Point State Park One of the best locations for dark area photography is High Point State Park, located on New Jersey and Pennsylvania borders. This park offers […]