Winter Visitors: Seals Captured At Sandy Hook

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seals at sandy hook beach new jersey

A lucky local photographer, Nick Marraro, recently snapped pictures of the seals visiting the waters of Sandy Hook Beach in New Jersey. These lovable animals are often seen in these waters during the winter months. But they don’t hang around all the time!

Seeing The Seals At Sandy Hook Beach

Different from sea lions and are considered “true seals” that roam these waters. Part of the animal group “pinnipeds,” these seals can often be seen basking in the warm sun rays on the rocks around Sandy Hook Beach in the winter months.

Want to catch a glimpse? Be careful; they are skittish and may jump back into the waters if you make too much noise or get too close. We recommend grabbing a pair of binoculars or using a zoom lens to capture these creatures when visiting.

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What do the seals do at Sandy Hook?

Sandy Hook is an excellent place for seals to find refuge during winter. They will spend their time here mating, giving birth, and finding food along the shores. With the Clean Water Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act created in the early 1970s, Sandy Hook beach is an excellent place for these protected animals to spend their winter months.

While you may want to get close, please keep your distance. Any disruptions could prevent them from getting the proper food to survive.

In recent years, the seal population at Sandy Hook Beach has continued to grow, which is a good sign their overall population is increasing.

Facts About The Seals At Sandy Hook

These lovable friends of the waters can dive up to 1,500 feet deep and spend 40 minutes underwater. They use oxygen stored in their lungs and muscles as well as their lungs to stay under that long.

The seals can weigh anywhere from 200 to 350 lbs. and can be anywhere from 5-8 feet in length. Want to learn more facts? Read more here.

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