You are currently viewing Top 10 Things To Do in New Jersey for 4th of July Weekend

Top 10 Things To Do in New Jersey for 4th of July Weekend

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Well, this is a different 4th of July than usual…but it can be even better than normal.

The 4th of July is always a great holiday weekend to get out and start exploring New Jersey as summer is officially here. With hot weather and the sun shining it’s a great time to start finding new spots to explore and adventure to throughout the state. The NJspots Team has compiled a list of some of the top things to do in New Jersey this 4th of July weekend. But don’t forget to check out our maps and other guides too, if you want to find a spot you haven’t discovered before.

When adventuring, we suggest wearing a mask in crowded areas at parks like bathrooms, parking lots, and picnic areas. Be safe and be healthy.

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Top Things To Do In New Jersey for 4th of July Weekend


We hope that you can enjoy your 4th of July doing whatever it is you love. Enjoy some of the other spots and places around New Jersey. Our state has a lot to offer, so however you choose to spend your holiday weekend be sure to continue to tag #NJspots.

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