Top 10 Things To Do in New Jersey for 4th of July Weekend

Guy parachuting with American flag, biwing plane in distance clouds and blue sky

New Jersey comes alive every summer, especially around the 4th of July. Our Garden State blossoms with many activities, from breathtaking firework displays to serene beach escapes, making it a prime destination for Independence Day celebrations. Whether you’re an adventurer seeking lush hiking trails, a family looking for fun-filled parks, or a photographer on the hunt for picturesque landscapes, New Jersey has it all.

This 4th of July, delve into the historical charm of Cape May, immerse in the vibrant culture of Asbury Park, or navigate the tranquil waters of Pine Barrens. Explore the best of New Jersey’s 4th of July activities in our comprehensive guide that caters to everyone – families, explorers, and creatives alike. Celebrate Independence Day in the true spirit of the East Coast, only in New Jersey!

Cape May

South Jersey

Cape May is a prime destination for a taste of historical charm on the East Coast. Stroll through streets lined with pastel Victorian-era homes, explore the sandy beaches, or enjoy a whale-watching tour to see delightful marine creatures. The Cape May Lighthouse is an iconic sightseeing location, offering a beautiful view at sunset.

Liberty State Park, Jersey City

NYC Metro

A perfect place for Independence Day celebrations in New Jersey, Liberty State Park offers views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Manhattan skyline. When the 4th of July fireworks illuminate the sky, you’ll have the best seat in the house.

Delaware Water Gap

Northwest Jersey

If you’re seeking outdoor adventures in New Jersey, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is a summer destination for you. Over 100 miles of hiking and canoeing await in this tranquil, natural landscape. Don’t forget the stunning view from the top of Mt. Tammany.

Grounds For Sculpture

Central Jersey

For art and culture enthusiasts, the Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton are a feast for the senses. This unique experience in New Jersey brings together nature and man-made art, creating a whimsical park that also provides fantastic photography locations.

Hoboken Waterfront Walkway

NYC Metro

Just across from Manhattan, the Hoboken Waterfront Walkway is a scenic view in New Jersey like no other. This urban oasis is perfect for a leisurely bike ride or for watching the fireworks against the New York City skyline on the 4th of July.

Island Beach State Park

Jersey Shore

Visit one of New Jersey’s summer destinations, Island Beach State Park. Pristine white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters create a beach lover’s paradise. It’s also a popular sightseeing location for bird watchers and a great photography spot for capturing the beauty of New Jersey’s wildlife and nature.

Princeton University's Art Museum

Central Jersey

Indulge in the culture of Princeton University. Explore the campus where architectural grandeur meets historical significance. The Art Museum is a cultural treasure in New Jersey, with a collection of art from around the world.

Asbury Park

Jersey Shore

Experience the vibrant music scene in Asbury Park, one of the unique experiences in New Jersey. Catch a live performance at the Stone Pony venue and explore the artsy boardwalk filled with unique shops. It’s also a great spot for street photography.

Palisades Interstate Park

North Jersey

Experience breathtaking summer views in New Jersey at the Palisades Interstate Park. This national historic landmark offers awe-inspiring views, serene picnic spots, and numerous hiking trails. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or a photographer, this park has something for everyone.

As we celebrate our nation’s independence, there’s no better place to revel in the spirit of freedom and discovery than right here in New Jersey. From the historical charm of Cape May to the stunning views of Palisades Interstate Park, New Jersey offers an array of unique experiences just waiting to be explored. So whether you’re capturing the perfect photo, discovering new trails, or simply enjoying the fireworks against the night sky, let these incredible destinations inspire your 4th of July adventures. Make your summer unforgettable with these top activities in the Garden State, and experience New Jersey like never before. Happy Independence Day!

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