Born and raised in New Jersey, Virginia (@buewho) grew up in the Northwest region of the state. Always describing her backyard as the “place where it snows when the of the state gets rain” she was always a fanatic of people in the mountains. An avid snowboarder and lover of the outdoors, especially hiking, Virginia is honored to be the founder of NJspots.

, Virginia Buechel – Founder

Started in July 2015 with the purpose of sharing the great places in New Jersey, Virginia set out to prove the stereotypes of Jersey wrong (or at least most of them!). She is thrilled to be able to continue to share all different corners of the state through the NJspots community and meet creative people along the way.

When I started NJspots in 2015, I wanted to share the great views and places in New Jersey. I wanted to show people there was more to the Garden State other than the I-95 Corridor. I am grateful to have so many great friends around me that I wouldn’t have found, if it wasn’t for the great NJspots community.


As NJspots has grown over the years, Virginia has continued to strive to connect with more local organizations and continue to find new places and things to discover in New Jersey. With so many people looking to get to know more about New Jersey, Virginia continues to work on making more connections to bring the state of New Jersey closer together.

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