Here’s How to Recover Details In Your Landscape Photos

Looking up at Statue of Liberty clouds

There are a lot of factors to consider when taking landscape photos. Sometimes if it’s not the right time of day, then your photos could end up blown out or maybe you didn’t focus on the right part of the photo to give you the most details. These are two of my favorite techniques to […]

Photography Tips for Shooting with Your iPhone

Painted brick wall of woman with flower

There are many ways to switch up and enhance your iPhone photography skills but first you have to know the basics! Take your iPhone photos to the next level with these tips. The Basics For most of these tips, you might want to to manually set a focus point to get the best results, and […]

Taking the Plunge into Full-Time Photography

Every photographer at some point in time thinks about making the jump to full-time photography. That would be the dream job get paid to do what you love AND be your own boss! Making the plunge is scary and there are a lot of things to consider. Can I afford to sustain myself? Where will […]