Local Photographer Catches Early Milky Way Rising

Starry sky, with man holding lantern on boardwalk

On January 29, 2023, Local New Jersey Photographer Steven Sitarik captured the Milky Way Rising over the horizon at the Jersey Shore in Long Beach Island. Despite the weather forecast initially not being in his favor, he used his instincts to set up his camera and capture the galaxy in the night sky. You see […]

Uniquely New Jersey: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Garden State Lovers by NJspots

Above image of NJTP autumn

Discover a little piece of the Garden State with our specially curated New Jersey gift guide at NJspots. Whether you’re shopping for a current resident, a nostalgic native, or someone who loves the charm of the East Coast, our collection features a diverse range of gifts that represent the spirit of New Jersey. Our selection […]

How To Photograph Sunrise & Sunset – What You Need

Timelapse sectioned Statue of Liberty

Share It! Tweet It! LinkedIn Reddit Pin It! Nothing makes for a more beautiful sunrise or sunset than vivid colors beaming across the sky.  Having a sky with golden yellows and oranges and beautiful reds and purples can give any photographer goosebumps, but there are a few tricks and tips to keep in mind to […]

Local Photographer Captures Rocket Launch Over New Jersey

night sky with rocket passing over cedar shingle house on beach with stars

On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, New Jersey Photographer Matt Baron planned and timed his photo of the Rocket Lab launch of the Electron Rocket, nicknamed “Virginia is for Lovers,” as seen from the Judge’s Shack on Island Beach State Park. This launch was the first one from the US for the company. A New Zealand-based […]

Local Photographer Captures A Red Hawk On The Hunt

Hawk mid flight aimed at camera

Recently, New Jersey Photographer Eric Capers had a split instant to capture a fantastic site; a Red Hawk flying towards him with a fresh “snatch-and-grab.” He was lucky enough to capture the moment on his camera with the raptor seemingly staring right into the lens. See what he had to say about the experience and […]