See the Best of the Outdoors from These New Jersey Wildlife Cameras

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Check out these wildlife cameras throughout New Jersey for a taste of nature right on your screen!


If you’ve never seen an osprey in the wild, the Barnegat Light Osprey Cam will come in clutch. This is the third year for this pair of ospreys at this nest site near Long Beach Island, and the camera is incredibly close!

Nearby Island Beach State Park has a camera too, watching one of their 30 nesting pairs of osprey!

You can also check out the Wetlands Institute (Stone Harbor) and Friends of Forsythe NWR (Oceanville) for more live feeds of osprey.

According to the Nature Conservancy:

Osprey nest and raise young along our coast from early spring to late summer before migrating to South America. Adults, which mate for life, make the roundtrip journey and return to the same nest every year; juveniles will spend two years in South America before coming back to our shores. 

You can check out their Cape May osprey cam below.

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More cameras

Check out the peregrine falcons on top of the Union County courthouse with these cameras — talk about a bird’s eye view!

And you can check out PTZ tv’s New Jersey Wildlife Cam. You might catch deer, raccoons, or even a fox!

Unfortunately, the eagle cam at Duke Farms is malfunctioning and the falcon nest in Jersey City is inactive. But check back later and often to see if anything has changed!

In the meantime, take a live look at popular beaches in New Jersey. Checking out the local wildlife (errrr…. humans!) might be exciting, too!

Did we miss your favorite wildlife camera in New Jersey? let us know in the comments!

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