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Photographer Feature: Lisa Welsh (@lisa.ryan.welsh)

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Once a week, we interview one of our Patrons or a photographer from our Slack community on!

We hope that you learn a new spot or new camera setup!


Who are you, and where in New Jersey are you from?

Hi, my name is Lisa and I live in North Jersey. Have lived in Warren County the biggest part of my life, and spent 16 years in Schuylkill County PA. I enjoy taking photos of nature and landscape photography. I’m fascinated by astrophotography, and I would love to get into street photography.

What are the three best spots for photography in New Jersey, and why?

I would have to say some of my favorite spots in NJ for photography is down the shore and in north Jersey, Warren, Sussex and Hunterdon counties. I tend to go to PA a lot to hike and take pictures too.

1. DWGNRA is a gorgeous area to hike and explore. Buttermilk Falls is a must see.

2. Barnegat Lighthouse.

3. Sandy Hook.

What's your camera setup?

I have Nikon cameras, and D750 and a D500, and Tamron and Nikon lenses. I have a speedlight I hope to someday get to know how to use!

What's your dream piece of gear? Think big!

I would love to get a D850, and a good lens for wildlife and birding.

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What's one bucket list photo of New Jersey you haven't gotten yet?

I would love to get a Milky Way shot from the Jersey Shore.

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One tip for aspiring photographers?

Just do it, and do it often. Experiment, try things you think you may not be able to do. We are in an age where you don’t have to wait to see the results, and if they do not come out as you had hoped, you have instant do over to try again. Dream big, its always a learning process, and most of all, enjoy it!!

What's your favorite part of being a photographer?

I enjoy it immensely, I love to challenge myself, and am thrilled when I succeed.
photographer feature Lisa Welsh, Photographer Feature: Lisa Welsh (@lisa.ryan.welsh)
Lisa Welsh
NJspots Community Member

“Photographer Feature” is an ongoing segment featuring our Patrons and Slack community members. Contact editor Abbey Dufoe for more information.

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