Off the Beaten Path: New Jersey Farms and Animal Sanctuaries

Looking for something new to do in the Garden State? Try visiting New Jersey’s farm and animal sanctuaries! A trip to one of these spots is a great way to spend the day with your family, friends or could even be the perfect date!

North Jersey Animal Sanctuaries/Farms

Bluebird Farm: Peapack, NJ

Sunday late in the morning, just as Bluebird Farm was opening, I got to meet at least a dozen of the sweetest alpacas!

Before I got the chance to meet these friendly guys, I walked around the shop to see (with my hands, of course) the different type of products the family makes with the alpaca fur. Before I went outside, the family told me more about alpacas in general and the personalities of a few of the alpacas I was going to meet. 

Now that they’ve built a big enough hype, I got to go out and meet these guys! And let me tell you, I loved it. The alpacas are sweet and extremely soft; way softer than I expected! I loved petting them on their furry soft backs while they ate food pellets from my hand. One even licked my shoulder which was equally surprising as it was funny.

Just a little heads up, give Bluebird Farm a call or check out their website before you go because visiting days are only available certain times of the month.

Skylands Sanctuary: Wantage, NJ 

Have you heard about the pregnant cow, Brianna, that escaped the transport truck taking her to slaughter on Route 80? Well when I saw that story, I wanted to meet this courageous cow in person! So, I hopped in my car and drove all the way to the top of New Jersey to meet her, her baby and other rescued farm animals at Skylands Sanctuary

Before my tour around the farm started, I got the chance to hang out with a bunch of chickens and ducks. Some of the chickens slowly creeped up on me (probably looking for food) and just hung out while I snapped some pictures of them. Other chickens were brave enough to eat watermelon scraps right from other people’s hands. And then there were two timid ducks that were inseparable from one another! One would walk forward a few steps, then the other would walk forward a few steps. One would take a drink of water and the other would too. 

During the tour, I got to meet other chickens, goats, sheep, an attention loving turkey, pigs, cows and some more cows! Along the way our guides told us the stories of how these happy animals were saved, rescued and ultimately became part of their family on the farm. 

Meeting the cows was my favorite part of the tour. I always had a sweet spot for cows because one of my dogs (Luna, the Boston Terrier) looks just like them. I watched them graze the grass, listened to them rip it from the ground and just enjoyed watching the cows do cow things. One even got super friendly and started licking my hand non-stop. And if you never felt a cows tongue before just know it’s ticklish!

Tours are available on Saturday and Sunday 11am – 2pm. 

Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve: Montague, NJ

Meet farm animals of all kinds like pigs, cows, chickens, horses and more at Tamerlaine Sanctuary. Just like us, humans, animals have their own individual personalities so meet and bond with each one at Tamerlaine Sanctuary. 

But farm animals aren’t the only ones that call this spot home. As part of their conservation efforts Tamerlaine Sanctuary also works to create a habitat for native plants and pollinators to thrive. 

And if after your tour you’ve decided to become vegan, try attending one of their vegan cooking classes! 

South Jersey Animal Sanctuaries/Farms

The Oasis Animal Sanctuary: Franklinville, NJ 

The Oasis Animal Sanctuary offers special events throughout the year from open houses where you can tour the farm and meet the animals to enjoying a stress-free goat yoga session! 

Funny Farm Rescue: Mays Landing, NJ 

Visit Funny Farm Rescue to see unwanted farm animals — you may meet your newest animal friend! Visiting hours here are Tuesdays and Sundays from 8am – 4pm.

Rancho Relaxo: Woodstown, NJ

Come meet Britney Spears! — the rescued pony that is. You can learn about the animals living on the ranch on their website. If you want to meet the animals in person, send the sanctuary an email to ask for the next available visiting dates.

Freedom Farm: Cedarville, NJ

Freedom Farm is working towards becoming opened to the public, but does have perks for those who help support their mission. Patrons who pledge $100 a month receive a private tour of the farm along with five of your family members and/or friends. 

Happily Ever After Farm: Cape May Court House, NJ 

I can’t wait until this spot starts allowing visitors! But in the meantime, you and I will just have to visit the farm virtually by following their Instagram and Patreon. You’ll for sure get your daily dose of cuteness there. 

These animal sanctuaries and farms will help you escape the hustle and bustle of New Jersey. So, take your time wandering these spots, learning about the animals, listening to their stories and making unforgettable memories in the Garden State.

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