NJspots Guide: 14 Spots We Love in New Jersey

Asbury beach brick building during sunset on beach

These places are some of our favorites that we love in New Jersey. These must-visit spots in New Jersey can be found all over the state and have something to offer for everyone. Bring your kids, friends, dogs, and certainly your camera to capture these amazing places to visit throughout New Jersey. These places we love in New Jersey are in not particular order.

Barnegat Lighthouse – Long Beach Island

‘Ol Barney is a famous spot for a lot of shore-goers to visit during the summer months. It’s also a great place to capture the Milky Way while those shore-goers are sleeping! This is one of the most iconic spots along the Jersey Shore and a must-see from the top!

Jersey City – NYC Skyline Views

Jersey City doesn’t get enough credit to view one of the biggest cities in the world. The skyline views of New York City from Jersey City are incredible anytime of year. Also with the 9/11 Memorial and Liberty State Park, there is plenty of history there to enjoy.

Manasquan Resevoir – Howell, NJ

A amazing spot to explore all seasons, the Manasquan Resevoir is perfect for families for bike riding or walking. With the large body of water, it can be a great spot for some wild weather shots with fog, snow, ice, and amazing sunsets and sunrises.

Belmar Fishing Pier – Belmar, NJ

A great spot for the sunrise and subject for ocean photography, the Belmar Fishing Pier is an iconic view of the colors of the Jersey Shore. Another spot great for anytime of year, the Belmar Fishing Pier can be particularly great when it is filled with anglers looking for the next bite!

Speedwell Park – Morristown, NJ

This great manmade dam and waterfall is a great spot anytime of year. Located in Morristown, NJ, Speedwell Lake can offer some unique angles of the cascading water with the winter snow and the greens of the summer.

The Capitol – Trenton, New Jersey

Despite what many say about Trenton, there are some unique spots to visit in the capitol. Trenton can offer some unique views of their infamous bridge that dates back to the industrial revolution when Trenton was a large producer of goods in the early 20th century.

Convention Hall – Asbury Park, NJ

A great spot to visit along the shore, Asbury Park is a trending spot for tourists but also locals for the up-and-coming food and nightlife scene. Convention Hall is an iconic spot in Asbury Park and can offer some greta entertainment and photos too!

Wells Mills County Park – Waretown, NJ

A great spot for hiking and getting outdoors, this park in Waretown, NJ is a great escape from the shore. Surrounded by state forest, Wells Mills County Park offers some tranquility and great spots to explore.

Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park – Paterson, NJ

One of the biggest waterfall attractions south of Niagara Falls, the Paterson Great Falls is a great spot to check out just outside NYC. This falls was once supplying a great amount of electricity to the local paper mill, with assistance from Alexander Hamilton finding potential for industrial use in 1778.

Island Beach State Park – Lanoka Harbor, NJ

A popular destination in the summer for beach-goers, Island Beach State Park is unique for the foxes that have been frequent residents there and also snow owls during the winter months. A popular spot for night time photography, Island Beach State Park is a great spot to check out.

Cape May Light House – Cape May, NJ

Another infamous light house that decorates the shores of New Jersey, the Cape May Lighthouse is a great spot to visit during the summer months. Located at the southern most point of New Jersey, Cape May is a great shore town to experience for yourself.

Oldest Town in Atlantic County – Somers Point, NJ

The oldest town and settlement in Atlantic County, Somers Point is a unique place to visit during the summer months. Founded and settled in 1693, Somers Point was a port of entry starting in 1791 to the United States and remained one until 1915.

Camden Waterfront – Camden, NJ

With amazing views of Philadelphia, the Camden Waterfront is a great spot to visit to see the skyline of the City of Brotherly Love. Be sure to check out the Ben Franklin Bridge too and walk over to Philly for the day!

Seaside Boardwalk – Seaside Park, NJ

We couldn’t make a list without naming one of the many boardwalks along the Jersey Shore. Seaside is an iconic boardwalk to experience during the summer months with the excitement of games, rides for the kids (and adults!), and great boardwalk food.

Hope you enjoyed these spots that we love in New Jersey! Be sure to tag the spots you love in New Jersey with #NJspots on Instagram!

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