New Jersey Housewives Star Jackie Goldschneider and the Mommy Makeover

Reality TV stars seldom admit that they’ve had plastic surgery on various parts of their bodies. Even when they admit that they’ve had work done, they probably denied it at least several times before revealing the true scenario.

Looking great all of the time

Reality TV stars have a tough role to play in today’s social media wrestling match. When Jackie Goldschneider, a star from Real Housewives of New Jersey, was criticized for posting pics that revealed her stretch marks after giving birth to her second set of twins, she apparently decided to respond.

Fans can be cruel

Instead of congratulating Goldschneider on the birth of her twins, some social media followers focused on the negative, but completely natural, stretch marks that she had. What else could the Reality TV star do to defend herself besides go ahead and have a mommy makeover?

What’s a mommy makeover?

You can probably take a guess at what a mommy makeover is all about. In case you’re not sure, it is a tummy tuck and breast uplift. The Reality TV star told In Touch that these two procedures are performed at the same time. She also revealed that her “abdominal muscles were like, torn apart and it looked like I was six months pregnant all of the time. The celebrity admitted that a mommy makeover was absolutely necessary for her.

Jackie also revealed that she “had boobs put in because she breastfed all four of her children.”

Fans expect stars to be perfect

Plastic surgery, especially by top professionals like New Jersey Female Plastic Surgeon Dr. Smita, can definitely help anyone look better. It also helps people to feel better about themselves after it’s done. 

Jackie fires back

It’s hard to imagine the hateful comments that Goldschneider got from fans who criticized her stretch marks. She didn’t just sit back and not defend herself though. She believed that she had posted a “sweet picture,” and the conversation turned to her stretch marks instead of how beautiful her new twins were. Jackie also said that her “beautiful stomach held 4 healthy children, and those stretch marks remind me every day of how powerful my body is.

Being a Reality TV star can be difficult

Stars on Reality TV are not like movie stars who perform in a studio with proper lighting and a chance to look their best. Instead, Reality TV stars are filmed as they are in their everyday life. This could be a film shot while they’re eating, shopping, or playing with their kids. 

Goldschneider claimed that she “never touched her face”

It’s easy to understand why a Reality TV celebrity would guard some of her secrets and not reveal them unless she felt cornered into doing so. Although Goldschneider claimed to not have any procedures on her face, she admitted to having Botox treatments. She also told In Touch that she “injected her lips a little bit.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth

Jackie explained away her good looks by saying that she “did learn how to contour” and that she also got better at extensions. Although most of us do hold on to some secrets, it appears that Goldschneider told the truth in her interview with In Touch. She did reveal that she currently has her own nose and eyebrows.

Jackie may have had a breast augmentation procedure

This Reality TV celebrity did reveal that she had her breasts improved during her mommy makeover. This procedure can be done at the same time the patient has a tummy tuck. Advantages of breast augmentation are feeling more confident and sexier in addition to getting back to pre-pregnancy shape.

Let’s give her a break and keep the secrets between her and her plastic surgeon

Maybe Jackie should focus on her acting and her role in Real Housewives of New Jersey. If she portrays a real housewife, very few of us look perfect every hour of the day. No one can do that, so let’s just enjoy the show and forget about any small imperfections she may have. These flaws only make her more real and like a genuine person.

Time for Goldschneider to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon

Apparently, this celebrity has plans for future procedures. These would be better kept between her and her plastic surgeon. An appointment for consultation would give Jackie all of the information she needs to move forward in making herself more beautiful. The professional surgeon has the knowledge and experience to guide her to the best procedure she may want next.

Plastic surgery Jackie is considering in the future

Apparently, Goldschneider has thought about future procedures that she may pursue. She revealed that she would love “a little bit of a point” to her chin. In the future, she would like to experience a lift of her entire face. This is pretty much standard for any celebrity who is getting older, so it probably won’t surprise her fans if she does this in the coming years.

Benefits of plastic surgery for celebrities and “regular” people

Plastic surgery has the physical advantage of improving a person’s outer body. It usually has psychological advantages as well. A person may feel more confident, and their personality may improve because they feel more beautiful and attractive. They may also become happier and improve their positive thinking.

Procedures to consider during a mommy makeover

A mommy makeover can include several other procedures. One of these is a labiaplasty. It involves several benefits. These are vaginal tightening, a reduction of incontinence, and others. Anyone who has had two sets of twins like Jackie may benefit from this procedure. You can discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

Anyone can benefit from a mommy makeover, not just celebrities

People who have given birth to one or to several children may qualify for a mommy makeover. This plastic surgery can help someone get back in shape after pregnancy or several pregnancies. It can help the new mom feel better about herself and to see that she can get her youthful pre-pregnancy body and the way she looked before her child’s birth. There will probably be some significant improvement in the way a mom feels about herself, such as an increase in feeling sexy and confident after her mommy makeover.


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