New Jersey’s Best Off-Season Beaches

Before summer beach season is upon us, there are several off-season beaches that our community really loves!

Check out this list below to see where to explore before the crowds descend on South Jersey.

Explore our sunrise map, too! There are plenty of spots for exploring before people hit the beach.

Sunrise & Sunset

Get Outside!

Best Off-Season Beaches

Asbury Park

What's not to love? From the many photo opportunities to the dog beaches, Asbury Park is the perfect place to spend a little time before summer descends.

(Photo by Abbey Dufoe)


You can also check out the dog beach (do you sense a theme, here??), but Wildwood has plenty to offer in the off-season. Walk around here and get some amazing pictures of Morey's Piers or the boardwalk with no people — the opportunities are endless! (Photo by Dan Schenker)

island beach state park at sunrise

Island Beach State Park

Serene and traffic free! There are some amazing photo spots here, covered in our guide by Patron Matt Baron.

Sandy Hook

How could we make a beach list and not add Sandy Hook? Aside from the amazing structures to photograph here, you also have full access to the park during the off-season.


Explore this amazing beach town in the off-season — and get the bay AND the ocean! Lavallette is a hidden gem for nature photographers. You might even catch a surfer or two! (Photo by Anthony Delia)

Cape May

Cape May is full of outdoor activities to explore in the off season, from lighthouse peeping to hiking to hitting the town! Whether you're going for an event, to see the beach, or to just make it all the way to Exit 0, Cape May has something for you.

Point Pleasant

You can walk forever on the beaches of Point Pleasant, but make sure you hit up the jetty. The unique concrete structures that make up the jetty make for amazing photos, especially from a drone! (Photo by Patrick Bianchi)

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