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Meetup Wrapup: Stairway to Heaven with Hike the World

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  • Post published:04/15/2022
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Last weekend, we collaborated with Hike the World on a sold out (!!!) hike up to the majestic Pinwheel Vista, part of the Appalachian Trail in Vernon, New Jersey. 

From left: Virgina (NJspots Founder), Abbey (NJspots Editor) and Laura (Hike the World Founder) at the top of Pinwheel Vista


We sung in walkie talkies, spotted a baby bear, and GoPro video-ed our way up to the summit with this amazing group of explorers!

The Stairway to Heaven hike we tackled is part of a longer hike — the infamous Pochuck boardwalk. Some of our hiking buddies even continued on down through the cow field to that path! For more hiking ideas, check out our hiking map.

Thank you to all those that came out to enjoy this Sunday morning with us! We were happy to have you and looking forward to hosting some more meetups like this in the future!


Here are some snaps and captures from the meet!

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