Meetup Wrapup: Asbury Park Cleanup

This past weekend, NJspots hosted a dual meetup/cleanup in Asbury Park on the beach and boardwalk.

After meeting up at Langosta Lounge (one of our Patrons!), the meetup started with a quick beach clean — the small group of us headed down to the beach to pick up microplastics, plastic water bottles, and cigarette butts. We even saw rusty scissors, broken beach toys, and a plethora of other interesting items we can’t discuss on this family page (beach-goers, WYD??).

Did you come? Be sure to tag #NJspotsMeet

After picking up a few pounds of trash, the group headed down the boardwalk, checking out the new installation by artist @hotxtea, the old carousel building, the rainbow crosswalk (painted for Asbury Park Pride), and various panels of street art along the boardwalk.

Thanks to all who came out to clean up the beach and take photos with us. See you at the next one!

Smoking is banned on New Jersey beaches and in New Jersey state parks, so please be sure not to, you know, smoke in these places. If you must, there are Terracycle recycling stations specifically for cigarette butts on the boardwalk. Here’s how that works.

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