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Meetup Hike: Stairway To Heaven with Hike the World


Co-hosted by Hike the World and NJspots, we will be hiking up Stairway to Heaven to Pinwheel Vista in beautiful Vernon, NJ! This is a short, but strenuous hike due to its steep and rocky terrain. As always, we’ll rest whenever necessary and you will have plenty of time for stunning pictures when we reach Pinwheel Vista.

Saturday, August 25th at 9:30am

PARKING: Park at the lot on Rt 94. Please try to carpool if you can because the lot is rather small.


Please come equipped with water and proper hiking equipment. We care about our members’ safety so in the event of inclement weather, you will be notified of hike changes via email the day prior to the hike.

About NJspots

NJspots is a community built with the passion of New Jersey in mind. Smashing stereotypes, the community has shared hundreds of thousands of spots and places around New Jersey to show how great the state really is. Hosting various events like hikes, photo walks, and workshops, NJspots is happy to connect with the people that call New Jersey home.

About Hike the World

Hike the World believes in fostering a strong sense of community and kinship between hikers, shining a light on mental health awareness by using nature as a healthy way to ease anxiety and depression and supporting volunteer programs that help protect our parks and trails. We hope to infuse these goals into future generations around the world. We offer community and themed hikes, a membership program and branded clothing.

Virginia, NJspots Founder

Founded by Virginia in 2015, NJspots is a place where New Jersey natives and visitors can find amazing photos taken around the state while discovering new spots to explore. With over 227,000 tags used on Instagram, NJspots is the place to go to find your next new spot in New Jersey to adventure to. Virginia has a passion for sharing these great spots and experiences people can have in NJ and also sharing the great photos along the way.

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