Local Pubs and Festivals in New Jersey: Where to Find Them

New Jersey is a city that is always the life of the party. It makes sense that you can find everything music-related here. There are hundreds of events to attend all year long. You can have some incredible drinks with your friends at the local pubs or sing your heart out at the best music festivals. In this article, we will provide you with information on where to go when you visit Garden State.

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North Jersey Festivals

The north side of New Jersey is where you will find some of the biggest events to attend. Many of the large venues in this area will be used to host some of the finest talents around. You can expect to see musical stars of all sorts coming to show themselves. Genres ranging from rock, jazz, hip-hop, pop, and so many others are there to perform. It also gives a chance for many indie bands to promote their work to a wider audience. 

How to Attend

Due to the sheer number of festivals you can go to, there are many ways to join up on one. The biggest concerts will be selling tickets from leisure sites. You may also be able to purchase tickets in stores across the state. Be sure to plan and purchase these tickets weeks or even months in advance. Depending on how big the name is, these venues will only have a limited number of tickets available, so make your purchase quickly. Examples of big performers you might be paying for include: 

  • Romeo Santos
  • Doja Cat
  • Ice Spice
  • Dan and Shay
  • Morgan Wallen
  • Luke Combs

A lot of the local festivals will have more of a community engagement. You can find many indie bands and local performers offering free summertime concerts. These may even be opening acts in some of the events you are attending. This means that lots of music concerts you can see will cost little to nothing. All you need to do is just show up if you can. The venue owners will likely make as much room as possible for those who attend. If there is no more room at the event, they may update the information on their websites. 

The E Street Shuffle

Bruce Springsteen is a fellow New Jersey original. This is why a tribute band dedicated to the incredible artist can be found right in this location. Founded in Asbury Park, The E Street Shuffle is a popular event where you can listen to authentic music from those passionate about the genre. The vocalist is as close to Bruce Springsteen as you’ll ever find. Packed with over 100 hundred songs, you will never experience the same show twice. There is always something new to listen to that brings in nostalgia and memories. 

By visiting their website, you can see everything they do. They can host weddings and other private events if you wish to have your own little festival. Check out their homemade music videos and see just what to expect. You can find out where they will perform next by taking a look at their roadmap. They may even perform in places other than New Jersey. The Garden State, however, is where you will most likely find them. This state is the home of classic rock. If you want to embrace history, you won’t find a more dedicated group. 

Healthy HeARTS Festival

If you are looking for something that gives back to the community, this festival may be more your style. The Healthy HeARTS Festival was founded at the Apple Farm Arts and Music Center. It is an event that celebrates creativity and inspiration for everyone who enters. It is based on the principle that the power of art can help us heal. Even music can soothe our souls and help us become better people. You will witness plenty of live musical performances celebrating different genres. Classical is the most popular. You can see musicians showcasing their instrumental talent in live orchestras. 

As well as music, there will be plenty more activities to help you express yourself. The Arts Lab allows people of all ages to try out different artistic approaches. You can take on cooking and make hearty meals. You can dabble in artwork to capture beautiful moments in time. The festival is also a chance to promote other programs that can help nurture future talents. If you don’t stay for the music, you can at least stay for the groups. There is a whole network to discover that can find your talent and bring it out. 

Open Mic Nights

What if you wish to show off your own musical talent in New Jersey? There are plenty of bars that host Open Mic Nights. An Open Mic event is where you can sign up to perform in front of patrons of the venue. You don’t need any special qualifications or contracts to sign. Just sign up, show up, and music up. Play your six-string and serenade the audience. Rock out with your own band to get the crowd cheering. You can even just sign your heart out with a live band and hit those high notes. 

You can open mic events at your local bars and neighbourhood. New Jersey has venues like Out of the Box, The Greenwood Inn, Stress Factory Comedy Club, and so much more. Some of these Open Mic events don’t have to relate to music. Some of them are comedy clubs, where you can try your hand at stand-up. Crack a few jokes with a welcoming audience. Open Mic New Jersey is a website where you can get the latest updates on where to find the next event. You can even fill in details to send out applications to perform.

Events This Year

We can take a look at examples of upcoming events in 2024. As of the publishing of this article, we have a few events lined up already. All of which are found in the state of New Jersey. 

WildwoodBarefoot Country Music Festival
AugustaRock, Ribs, & Ridges Festival
Atlantic CityTidalwave Music Festival
Sheraton Parsippany HotelDark Force Fest 2024
New Jersey Performing Arts CenterThe North to Shore Festival
CollingswoodCollingswood Crafts & Fine Arts Festival

These are currently the hottest events to expect in 2024. Many more events can be viewed by searching in different areas.

Summing Up

New Jersey is a big place, so you can always expect to find something new. If you are interested in seeing what else NJ has to offer while you stay, check out the famous landmarks. Lucy the Elephant, Cape May Lighthouse, or even Liberty State Park. There is so much history to uncover here that it can keep you entertained beyond the festivals. Check out the local pubs to get to know the community on a more personal level. You may find out what music to listen to from the people themselves. 


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