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Knit is Lit at Montclair Art Museum

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Usually we’re sharing our outdoor spots with you! But on a cold, rainy day, keep the Montclair Art Museum in mind and visit their newest exhibit.

This week I had the pleasure of attending the press event at the Montclair Art Museum for their new exhibit New Directions in Fiber Art which opens tomorrow and runs through June 2019.

The Exhibit

The exhibit features 42 NJ-based artists and 50 works of contemporary art, all constructed out of fiber and other materials, but not limited to neon lights, vinyl banners and needlepoint art. 32 New Jersey towns are featured from the artist’s hometowns, so see if you can find yours when you visit!.

The works were picked from artists all across the state, narrowed down from 500 submissions!

Close-up of “The Gown” from the collection of Jan Huling, Jersey City

The Specifics

The curators wanted to show hand crafted materials in the age of technology with their choices in the gallery. The pieces display “amazing creativity in New Jersey” with a variety of techniques, showcasing a diverse group of artists in the process.

All of the selected works draw inspiration from science, tech, politics and pop-culture. My personal favorite was “Run-Off” by Katie Truk. This amazing piece speaks to all the water collecting on our planet’s surface and what we do with it.

Close-up of “Run-Off” by Katie Truk, Hamilton Square

The exhibit features embroidered photos, tapestries, fiber sculptures, large-scale installations and more.


When you visit the exhibit, check out the lawn! The museum yarn-bombed the trees on the property. This brought together the “yarn nuts” of New Jersey, and this makes the trees look absolutely stunning for this exhibit!

When you visit, use their tag #MAMmontclair to share your experience, and let us know if you liked it in the comments!

New Directions in Fiber Art opens tomorrow, February 9, 2019 and runs through June 16, 2019 at the Montclair Art Museum.

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