Investigate These 10 Abandoned Spots in New Jersey

It’s spooky season! and even when it’s not, get your camera out and start exploring these abandoned spots in New Jersey.

Note: All of these spots are accessible via trails or public access. Please do not trespass — and follow the posted rules!

Voodoo Bunker, Sandy Hook

You may not know about this “secret” spot on bunker beach, which was built as a munitions bunker during WWII.

Sandy Hook’s Voodoo Bunker takes a little bit of searching, but once you find it, the photos will be well worth the sandy shoes!

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Feltville Deserted Village, Watchung Reservation

You can visit a few abandoned buildings (not inside!), the visitor’s center, and the graveyard. People still live there, so please be respectful of their space.

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Battery Lewis, Atlantic Highlands

The property on which Hartshorne Woods Park now sits was a defense site during World War II, built to defend the New York Harbor.

During this time, batteries for heavy artillery were built to “modernize coastal defense efforts.” These batteries (and a replica of a gun barrel) can still be seen today.

battery lewis hartshorne woods park

Photo Credit: Abbey Dufoe

Brooksbrae – Graffiti Covered Brick Factory

Nestled deep in the Pine Barrens, lay the small town of Pasadena, New Jersey. To the naked eye of a weary traveler, the town seems almost vacant, but surprisingly, there is history all around you. Specifically, the ruins of Brooksbrae Terracotta Brick Factory.

There are many tales of murder, arson, death and decay associated with Brooksbrae to fuel your curiosity. 

Jungle Habitat, Passaic County

Jungle Habitat WAS ONCE a zoo and safari park that housed 1,500 animals. It is now abandoned, but according to Atlas Obscura:

The park grounds are now a popular hiking and biking spot in a large public nature area. Visitors can still see the large sign scaffold as well as the remnants of animal enclosures and structures. 

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Union Hotel, Flemington

There have been reports of several ghosts on the property of this permanently closed hotel.

Paulinskill Viaduct (Hainesburg Trestle)

Explore this viaduct from below (or via drone!) and follow all posted signs!!

Van Slyke Castle, Ramapo Reservation

Hike to this abandoned castle in Ramapo Reservation via the Castle Point Trail. The fall colors would frame it beautifully!

Amatol Ghost Town, Hammonton

Our list would be empty without a South Jersey spot! According to Atlas Obscura

After World War I ended, Amatol became a vacant town. The homes were deserted and the plant shut down. Because most of the buildings were built to be temporary, they were dismantled and little was left behind. The factory was eventually demolished.

Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal, Jersey City

No longer used, this train terminal makes for great photos, inside and out. Make sure to explore Liberty State Park in its entirety when you visit, too!

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