Hiking Sourland Mountain Preserve

Green field full trees overcast sky

Do you have a list of your favorite hiking trails in New Jersey? If so, then add this to the list!

Sourland Mountain Preserve located in Hillsborough Township is full of small trails with big benefits. The meandering creeks and dense cover of trees surround you in the relaxing backwoods where you can find a brief escape from the world.

Hiking is not only good for the body, but for your mind, and the Sourland Mountain Preserve takes care of both! With small bridges, hills, and some wooden steps you will no doubt feel stronger than when you first arrived.

The best thing about Sourland is its convenience. It won’t take you five hours to hike each trail, but just enough time to provide a solid workout.

Hiking is sometimes perceived as a whole big process grab your boots, plan your route, make sure you have food cause it may be awhile. Here, it can be done within the hour! Some locals in the surrounding towns even take time out of their lunch breaks at work to take quick 45-minute walk through the trails to recharge the batteries.


If you do not want to commit to a huge trail, the Sourland Mountain Preserve is for you as it’s enjoyed by fellow hikers of all experience levels. We won’t spoil the entire preserve in this blog, because we want you to go see for yourself, but keep an eye out for some beautiful exposed boulders perfect for climbing.

Happy trails! And see more hiking trails on our hiking and camping map!

Cover image by @zzihan1204.

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