Get Outside and Avoid Crowds at These New Jersey Hiking Spots

Blue sky and evergreen, bare trees
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If you’re trying to avoid crowds these days, here are some amazing spots all over New Jersey to get you out and about!

Use this list to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve had recently. And then wash your hands!

avoid crowds new jersey hiking, Get Outside and Avoid Crowds at These New Jersey Hiking Spots

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Top Hikes to Avoid Crowds

franklin lakes

Stroll the Haledon Reservoir Loop, Franklin Lakes

Looking to spend a relaxing afternoon in North Jersey in the outdoors? Walking the 1.5 mile loop around Haledon Reservoir in Franklin Lakes should do the trick. There are a few detours you can take in Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve — and sights you can see! — along the way, making the trip up to this spot well worth your time.

Water running through tall grass

The Three Best Spots in Cheesequake State Park

If you’re looking for a diverse park with hiking, relaxing, and some great fall colors, look no further than this Central Jersey park. Here are the best spots to check out before the leaves fall.

Green field full trees overcast sky

Hiking Sourland Mountain Preserve

Sourland Mountain Preserve located in Hillsborough Township is full of small trails with big benefits. The meandering creeks and dense cover of trees surround you in the relaxing backwoods where you can find a brief escape from the world.

Lush grass and trees. Blue sky with fluffy clouds summer

Explore the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge

If you are a birder or weekend warrior, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time in the wildlife refuges most familiar in the Garden State. But if you're looking to expand, you may want to explore Wallkill River NWR in Sussex, New Jersey.

avoid crowds new jersey hiking, Get Outside and Avoid Crowds at These New Jersey Hiking Spots

Scramble at Schooley's Mountain Park

Explore this Long Valley hike if you like rock scrambles, waterfalls, overlooks, and more! There are a few ways to start this hike, but you can start out walking across a lake (yes, there's also a boardwalk on this trail!).

Milky Way behind dark trees at night

Go Out in the Dead of Night and Shoot the Milky Way

Want to avoid people? Shoot the Milky Way. Peak Milky Way season (even though you don't have to wait) season is almost upon us here in the Garden State! Here are the BEST dates and times when the Milky Way and the galactic center will visible for the longest in the sky.

Broken down light brick building in Forrest with waterfall

Black River Rock Ruins & Waterfall

One of the favorite spots of our founder, Virginia, this trail loop and special place is a cool one to check out. Nestled in the back of the woods along a peaceful river you will come across a unique spot of what was once a mill along the Black River in Chester, New Jersey.

Graffiti on structure in forest

Brooksbrae Terracotta Brick Factory

Nestled deep in the Pine Barrens, lay the small town of Pasadena, New Jersey is the ruins of Brooksbrae Terracotta Brick Factory. There are many tales of murder, arson, death and decay associated with Brooksbrae to fuel your curiosity. Some of which are well documented, some are old wives tales, but first, let’s get you there.

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