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FAA Seeking Comments on New Restrictive Drone Regulation

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  • Post published:02/28/2020
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Hello NJspots Family,

Many of you use drones in your day to day photography adventures, whether it be commercially or recreationally. Unfortunately, the FAA is proposing a new regulation that would require all drones to use a new remote ID system.

This system would require additional hardware to be installed by drone manufactures, access to an internet/cellular data connection, and a monthly subscription to their new system in addition to the already used registration system for drones.

These changes would make most drones already purchased inoperable and purchasing a new one is probably not within everyone’s budget. Not to mention the fact that there are numerous parts of New Jersey with poor or no cellular data connections due to terrain. These changes will seriously affect all of us that utilize drones to any extent.

There is hope though. The FAA is asking for public comments by March 2nd.

I know it is short notice, but any comments that can be made would be helpful. Please make them specific to you. There are many form comments floating around, but they are likely to ignore comments that are simply a copy and paste of others.

The official proposal and comments can be found here.

There are many helpful posts about how to structure your comment and overviews of the proposal — DJI, DroneU, and KittyHawk are some reputable sources of information. I’m asking that you please consider submitting a comment before the deadline.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on IG (@jbronico23) or email.

James Bronico
NJspots follower & Licensed Drone Pilot

Also, a little side note and PSA: a major part of this proposal is trying to combat illegal drone use. Please make sure you have your drones registered, have a FAA Part 107 certificate if flying for any type of commercial use (taking pictures and selling them or using them for any sort of personal or professional growth, paid or not, is considered commercial), and please make sure you are following part 107 regulations and air space classifications. I see photos and videos all the time online that are clearly filmed illegally, most of the time not intentionally, but because the taker doesn’t know better. 

Cover image by Dan Schenker (@heydanschenker) on Instagram. 

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