Exploring the Lambertville Graffiti Train

Graffitied inside of train car

I’m probably giving away my age when I say that while heading out to find the Graffiti Train in Lambertville, I was silently humming “Casey Jones” by the Dead in my head. I’d seen pictures of the train before but never actually made the trip. An unseasonably warm Oct. day seemed like the perfect time to take this trek.

Lambertville Graffiti Train in New Jersey

Where To Find The Lambertville Train

Finding the train isn’t hard. There are two approaches you can take. This one is a little longer. Parking in Lambertville is always a challenge, so park where you can, as near Lambertville Inn as possible. Walk-behind the restaurant through the parking lot. You’ll be on a dirt path and see rusty old railroad tracks. Keep walking past the canoe rack and the public restrooms. You will soon spot the two cars on the right-hand side. 

Alternate Route

An alternate route is to park near Mt. Hope Street Playground. Enter the canal path and cross over the loch. Make a right on the canal path. Either of these routes will get you to the train in about ½ mile or less.

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History of the Train

What remains in Lambertville now is a CNJ Coash 1318 passenger car purchased in the 1970s and a Conrail Hopper car.  These relics tell the story of the history of the railroads along with the D&R Canal.

When industrialization came to this area, around the 1800s, the Belvidere-Delaware Railroad began service in 1851. Much of this service involved the transportation of freight. In 1871 the Pennsylvania Railroad took over this line to run freight and passenger service.

In March of 1970, the Black River & Western Railroad took over the operations completely. Freight service ended in 1995, and shortly after, in 1998, all passenger service to Lambertville ceased. These two lone cars are now all that remain of this service between Ringoes and Flemington.

Visiting the Area

Lambertville is a beautiful old town just across the river from New Hope, PA.  Because of this proximity, it is sometimes overlooked. I highly recommend spending a day exploring the beautiful little shops, restaurants, and galleries that occupy this side of the river.

There’s so much history and beauty here along the banks of the Delaware River.  You can easily make a day trip out of this excursion. On your way into or out of town, you may want to stop at Goat Hill Overlook since it’s one of our favorite hangouts anyway.

If you happen to enjoy mallard ducks, there’s a large colony that resides along the canal. Whatever you’re looking for, you may find it in Lambertville.

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