Exploring Historic Walnford in Monmouth County

historic walnford
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Head to Allentown, New Jersey (the heart of Central Jersey!) and visit Historic Walnford — the perfect place to walk around in any kind of weather.

Built in the 1770’s, Historic Walnford boasts some amazing, well, historic buildings that are sure to make for some beautiful photos.

Don't miss the Gristmill

How could you! The Gristmill stands out as a blue building against the rest of the park. Walk around the structure to catch a reflection shot in the river, or take a photo against a blue sky to really capture the color!

This spot would be perfect in the freshly-fallen snow. For more snow spots, check out our guide.

grist mill historic walnford
Photo by @yogi_photog on Instagram

The Gristmill is still operating, and you can enter it on the weekends! For more info, click here.

Keep exploring!

Historic Walnford is home to many more buildings, including a carriage house and and Waln Family house.

For more information on Historic Walnford, check out the history and events from Monmouth County Parks.

Part of the Morris County Parks system, you can spend the day in Monmouth County and check out nearby historic areas like Sandy Hook and Atlantic Highlands.

Red Bank and Princeton are semi-nearby too, if you want to do more photography walks through towns.

Follow the rules!

Photography is allowed in Historic Walnford, but professional portrait photography requires a permit. 

Call the Reservations Office at 732-842-4000, ext. 1 for details.

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