Exploring Fort Lee Historic Park Views & Hiking Options

NY skyline from jersey. With Hudson at dusk

With New Jersey right across from one of the most notable skylines in the country, there are so many ways to photograph the skyline and enjoy the view. Fort Lee Historic Park is part of the Palisades Interstate Park it gives visitors a breathtaking view of the George Washington Bridge from any vantage point, and it’s also a popular picnic spot during the spring and summer months. The entrance to the best views from above is the entrance right off the George Washington Bridge, but if you want to view the bridge up close and from below, drive a little further down Hudson Terrace and turn onto Henry Hudson Drive.

All About Those Views

fort lee historic park, Exploring Fort Lee Historic Park Views & Hiking Options

Of course one of the best things about this park is that it offers an up-close view of the George Washington Bridge, from above and below. There are very few spots in New Jersey that will get you this close to the iconic bridge, unless you’re actually driving across it. If you’re patient enough to wait until golden hour, you’ll be able to watch the bridge glow in a golden hue, with the sky towards lower Manhattan turning a cotton candy pink.

The best vantage point of the bridge from below is just a short walk from the Ross Dock Picnic area. Follow the path that leads towards the boating beach and you’ll end up under one of the massive towers that hold the bridge up. From above, the most popular view is just behind the visitor’s center. From here, you’ll feel about as small as an ant, but the view of the bridge this close will leave you breathless. However, this upper portion of the path will give you more than just views, it is also full of history. You’ll see soldiers’ huts, battery stations, the site of the actual fort, and the location where the cannons were fired from during the Revolutionary War.

fort lee historic park, Exploring Fort Lee Historic Park Views & Hiking Options

Things To Do In The Area

fort lee historic park, Exploring Fort Lee Historic Park Views & Hiking Options

During the summer months, Fort Lee Historic Park’s Ross Dock Picnic area is packed with people from all over the state, or even out of state. The best thing is you can grill in some areas right along the water with picturesque views of upper Manhattan and the bridge, and take a stroll or bike ride along the paved paths. You’ll also find people with their bringing their kayaks and jet skis to experience this location in a whole new way, or if you’re feeling up to it, there are different hiking trails throughout the park for hikers at all levels.

Get Some Eats

There are a wide variety of restaurants near by – if you’re looking for a boozy brunch, try City Perch Kitchen + Bar their menu has a variety of comfort food that’s perfect for any occasion. There’s also Italian, Korean, Greek, and Vietnamese, all within a 10 to 15-minute driving distance.

Once a spot that NJspots hosted a meetup, Fort Lee Historic Park is a great place to visit any time of year to take in the incredible panoramic views and all the history the sheer cliffs hold. Be sure to check it out and tag your NJspots photos on Instagram!

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