Preserving the Past: Exploring the Rich History of New Jersey through its Historic Buildings

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North Jersey

The Gingerbread Castle (Hamburg). Tucked just off of Route 23 in Hamburg, you’ll find the Gingerbread Castle, a one-time fairytale-themed attraction for kids. Unfortunately, this once-booming tourist destination has become more well-known for being abandoned for the last 30+ years. It has recently became something of an illegal graffiti destination and a hotspot for urban explorers, and curious minds alike.

But it is currently being restored as I type.

The Hoboken Train Terminal (Hoboken). Still in use today, this historic building is worth the trip! 

Waterloo Village (Stanhope). This restored 19th century canal town resides in Allamuchy Mountain State Park. Make a day trip out of it!

Millbrooke Village Historic Site (Delaware Water Gap). After a water gap hike, visit this 1830’s grist mill.

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Who Doesn't LOVE Diners?!
The History of Diners in New Jersey (American Palate)

The oldest diner in New Jersey is the Dumont Crystal in Bergen County opened in 1928. I have seen this fact recently disputed. What has never been discussed is – New Jersey IS the diner capital of the world. Or at least, we once were. This book is a tribute to the golden years of diner dining.

Read It!
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Central Jersey

Sutfin House at Monmouth Battlefield (Manalapan). This historic farmhouse survived a Revolutionary War battle!

Officer’s Row (Sandy Hook, Fort Hancock). We can’t forget the classic! Try and get a new perspective if you go here.

Historic Walnford (Allentown). Check out the infamous blue building AND history of technology in New Jersey when visiting here.

Historic Village at Allaire (Wall Township). Also next to a state park (Allaire), you can explore history and take a hike!

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South Jersey

Downtown Wildwood, New Jersey. Wander around town and see what cool retro signs you can find!

C A Nothnagle Log House (Gibbstown). Have you seen a log cabin in New Jersey? Then make your way here and check it out.

Batsto Village (Hammonton). You HAVE to check out this historic site if you’re headed to the Pinelands. No Jersey Devil here!

Hancock House Historic Site (Hancocks Bridge). If you visit, keep an eye out for ghosts — scene of a British- led massacre during the Revolutionary War.

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Cover photo by Joe Valencia. Follow him on Instagram.

historic buildings in New Jersey, Preserving the Past: Exploring the Rich History of New Jersey through its Historic Buildings

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historic buildings in New Jersey, Preserving the Past: Exploring the Rich History of New Jersey through its Historic Buildings

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