Explore the Wonders of Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ

Introduction to Adventure Aquarium

Adventure Aquarium Camden New Jersey, Explore the Wonders of Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ
Adventure Aquarium Lobby Photo by Jin Wu

Nestled on the rejuvenated waterfront in Camden, NJ, Adventure Aquarium is a great family attraction that promises an ocean of adventure and excitement for visitors of all ages. With over 2 million gallons of aquatic exhibits and a collection that boasts more than 15,000 marine animals, it’s no wonder families flock to this Aquarium all seasons.

Home to the most extensive collection of sharks in the Northeast, an awe-inspiring sea turtle exhibit, and a host of interactive experiences, Adventure Aquarium is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to dive deep into the wonders of underwater life.

As you plan your family’s next outing, consider the Adventure Aquarium, where educational fun meets unforgettable moments in a world-class facility. Whether you’re a resident or a traveler looking for a day activity, Adventure Aquarium is your gateway to exploring the vast blue seas without leaving the heart of South Jersey.


Adventure Aquarium opened its doors to the public in February 1992 as the New Jersey State Aquarium. After extensive renovations and a rebranding initiative, it reintroduced itself as Adventure Aquarium in May 2005, featuring new and upgraded exhibits.

With a steadfast mission to educate and inspire, the aquarium houses over 15,000 aquatic species within two million gallons of water and boasts the longest shark bridge in the world, ensuring that guests of all ages can explore and learn about the wonders of aquatic ecosystems in an interactive and engaging environment.

As a leading conservation advocate, Adventure Aquarium also engages in vital research and species preservation efforts, aiming to imbue a sense of responsibility and awe towards our blue planet in its visitors.


Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey, offers an aquatic experience like no other in the region. It sets itself apart with exclusive features and exhibits that intrigue both the young and the young at heart. As one of the largest aquariums in the northeastern United States, its unique attractions include the country’s most extensive collection of sharks in the Shark Realm, where guests can marvel at the magnificent creatures up close, including the rare hammerhead sharks.


The immersive, 40-foot suspended Shark Tunnel provides a jaw-dropping 180-degree view, making visitors feel part of the underwater world.

And if that’s not enough, Adventure Aquarium is one of only six facilities in the US where you can encounter the elusive African penguins in a dedicated indoor exhibit, Penguin Island. Their interactive touch exhibits, such as Stingray Beach Club, allow for a hands-on approach where guests can touch and feel the texture of stingray wings as these graceful animals glide through the water. These distinctive experiences contribute to the Aquarium’s reputation for providing educational fun and interactive opportunities unavailable elsewhere, guaranteeing an unforgettable visit for anyone interested in marine life.


Getting to Know Adventure Aquarium

Adventure Aquarium is conveniently situated on the picturesque waterfront in Camden, New Jersey, offering a captivating destination for families, marine enthusiasts, and tourists alike. Nestled at 1 Riverside Drive in Camden, it stands just across the river from Philadelphia and near the Battleship New Jersey, making it incredibly accessible for visitors from the city and its surrounding areas. The Aquarium boasts ample parking for those driving, while out-of-town guests will find that it is a short Uber or taxi ride from Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, a major train hub.


The RiverLink Ferry provides a scenic option from Philadelphia’s Penn’s Landing during warmer months, enhancing the experience with striking city skyline views. The Aquarium is also accessible via public transportation. NJ TRANSIT’s River LINE light rail stops right at the Aquarium, ensuring that adventure-seekers from near and far can quickly discover the wonders of the aquatic world. Whether planning a solo visit, a fun day out with friends, or an educational trip for the kids, reaching Adventure Aquarium is a breeze, leaving you more time to immerse yourself in the marine magic that awaits.

To make the most of your visit, aim for weekday mornings, right after opening, to beat the crowds and get unfettered views of the exhibits. Off-peak times, such as weekday afternoons, offer a more tranquil atmosphere. When it comes to securing your tickets, the most efficient route is through their user-friendly website, which often features online-exclusive discounts and the convenience of skip-the-line options.

Don’t forget to check for combo deals if you plan to explore other nearby attractions. On-site facilities are robust, with amenities like stroller rentals for families, wheelchair accessibility to ensure an inclusive environment and dining options to refuel after your underwater adventures. Remember to charge your camera; the stunning exhibits and interactive experiences at Adventure Aquarium promise unforgettable photo opportunities you’ll want to capture and share!


Dive into Adventure: The Mesmerizing Exhibits

The Shark Tunnel

The Shark Tunnel Adventure Aquarium - Camden NJ
The Shark Tunnel - Photo by Tom Kelly

Step into a captivating underwater world at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ, where the Shark Tunnel stands out as a cornerstone attraction. Imagine walking through a transparent tunnel surrounded by the serene blue waters of this awe-inspiring exhibit. Above and all around you, the graceful silhouettes of various shark species glide effortlessly. Visitors are treated to an unobstructed 360-degree view, creating the illusion of swimming alongside these magnificent creatures. The rhythmic motion of the sharks, coupled with the soft hum of the water, provides an unforgettable sensory experience that immerses guests in the ocean’s depths. With each step, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with sand tiger sharks, nurse sharks, and the elusive hammerheads, giving you an up-close-and-personal encounter that’s both educational and exhilarating. This unforgettable adventure is an absolute must-see for families, marine enthusiasts, and anyone looking to connect with the wonders of aquatic life in the heart of Camden, NJ.

Penguin Park: A Playful Parade

Adventure Aquarium Camden New Jersey, Explore the Wonders of Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ

Embark on an aquatic journey like no other as you come face-to-face with the endearing African penguins at Camden, NJ’s Adventure Aquarium. This immersive exhibit encapsulates the beauty and charm of these beloved birds, allowing visitors to witness the intricate details of their daily lives within a habitat meticulously designed to mirror their native, rocky coastline home. With educational talks and feeding demonstrations, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the conservation efforts and the important role these creatures play in our world’s oceans. Whether watching the penguins’ playful antics or listening to the expert aquarists share fascinating facts, this unforgettable interaction is a must-see. Capture the magic of these flightless birds waddling and splashing, making the African penguin exhibit a highlight that both educates and delights visitors of all ages.

Don’t forget to snap a photo and tag #NJspots with these iconic birds for an everlasting memory of your Adventure Aquarium visit

Ocean Realm: A Blue Wilderness

Embark on a captivating underwater journey at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ, where the Ocean Realm exhibit invites visitors to an unforgettable encounter with the aquatic marvels of our planet. Experience the thrill as you get up close with a stunning variety of marine life—from the elegantly gliding sea turtles to the swift and sleek sandbar sharks that rule the oceanic waters with an air of majesty. Be entranced by the vibrant colors of countless tropical fish as they dart through enchanting coral formations.

The exhibit boasts beautiful schools of small fish. It features enigmatic creatures such as the ancient, armor-like horseshoe crabs and the ethereal jellyfish that pulse rhythmically through the water, captivating the imagination. With every turn, guests are treated to showcase the diverse ecosystems and fascinating species that our ocean harbors, setting the stage for an educational yet magical adventure that resonates with aquatic enthusiasts of all ages. Discover the mysteries and witness the beauty of the underwater world at Adventure Aquarium, where every exhibit is designed to both educate and inspire wonder in its visitors.

Go Behind the Scenes

If you’ve ever wanted to peek behind the curtain of an underwater wonderland, Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ, offers an array of behind-the-scenes tours that will satiate any ocean enthusiast’s deepest curiosities.

These exclusive experiences allow visitors to enhance their journey by meeting the dedicated team that cares for the sea’s most majestic creatures, learning about the intricate systems that support aquatic life, and perhaps even standing toe-to-fin with some of the ocean’s most charismatic animals.


Whether exploring the realms that house the fearsome sharks or delving into the daily routines of sea turtles, these tours are transformative experiences designed to deepen your connection with marine life. Visitors are encouraged to book in advance as these coveted tours fill up quickly, offering a distinctive glimpse into the fascinating operations of one of New Jersey’s premier aquatic attractions. Embark on a voyage beyond the glass as you discover the secrets of Adventure Aquarium, a hidden trove of oceanic knowledge and fun waiting to be unlocked.

Summing Up the Adventure Aquarium Experience

A visit to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ, offers an unforgettable underwater journey for visitors of all ages.

As we’ve explored, the Aquarium is not just a place to see marine life. Still, it celebrates the world’s aquatic biodiversity with engaging exhibits such as the Shark Bridge, Penguin Park, and the awe-inspiring Hippo Haven.


The Aquarium’s dedicated mission to conservation and education shines through in their interactive encounters and hands-on learning opportunities. Highlights like the 4D Theater and the touch tanks offer immersive experiences that are both fun and informative, demonstrating the institution’s commitment to inspiring stewardship of the natural world.


Perfect for families, marine enthusiasts, and curious explorers, the Adventure Aquarium is a top-tier destination for anyone looking to dive deep into the wonders of ocean life while contributing to the vital work of sustaining our planet’s aquatic habitats.


In wrapping up the journey through Adventure Aquarium, visitors are left with more than just memories of a day filled with wonder and discovery; they take with them a newfound respect and awe for the incredible richness of marine life.


As an awe-inspiring hub, this aquatic treasure trove nestled in Camden, NJ, becomes a beacon of education and conservation awareness. It plants the seeds of curiosity and stewardship that can grow into a deep-seated passion for protecting our oceans and their inhabitants. Adventure Aquarium offers a window into the extraordinary diversity beneath the waves for families seeking an engaging learning experience or for anyone curious about the underwater world. Its interactive exhibits, hands-on encounters, and thought-provoking presentations equip guests with knowledge and connect them emotionally to the aquatic realm, forging an enduring connection that can inspire conservation long after the visit ends.


By immersing guests in the wonders of the aquatic world, Adventure Aquarium stands as a pivotal starting point for a lifelong journey of environmental advocacy and a celebration of the vast, vibrant parade of marine biodiversity

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