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When people think about the Garden State, they may think the shore. Or they may think close urban proximity to New York City and Philadelphia. Some of them may even think about Bruce – maybe. However, everyone should start thinking… waterfalls!

New Jersey is home to some amazing waterfall sights that come in all shapes and sizes. Waterfalls are not just scenic in photography but are also examples of how nature can be the source of therapeutic harmony.

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Here are some of the best waterfall spots in New Jersey.

Great Falls (Paterson, NJ)

We start you off with arguably one of the most well-known waterfalls in the state, the Paterson Great Falls located on the Passaic River. The Great Falls were authorized as a National Historic Park in 2009, but have made its mark in New Jersey for centuries.

We recommend everyone (especially you North Jersayans!) to stop by this breathtaking park whenever you can. The views, the sounds, and the mystique will sit with you forever. You also may recognize the falls from this scene from The Sopranos.

Buttermilk Falls (Walpack, New Jersey)

Buttermilk Falls is known as the highest waterfall in all of New Jersey, reaching an elevation of 1,104ft. Just look how steep the water “trickles” down the cliff! In order to reach this beautiful site is to hike your way there, and we suggest doing so with the whole family. This waterfall is known quite well from the locals, but still considered a hidden gem of places to visit along the Delaware Water Gap.

Boonton Falls (Boonton, New Jersey)

Not the largest waterfall spot in New Jersey, but certainly one of the prettiest.

Boonton Falls is something out of a movie, where the water rushes down the rocky landscape of the river. We don’t recommend everyone climbing way up the stream, but it sure would be a great memory. Sit back and take in the natural sounds this waterfall provides.

Ramapo Valley County Reservation (Ramapo, New Jersey)

Shoutout to @chrisgoeshiking for this awesome action shot of this Ramapo waterfall! The slow-motion video gives us the chance to really see how rough and rugged these falls are. Though pretty, don’t get too close unless you are ready to get splashed. Also, get close and get splashed it’s so much fun in the summer :). Check out NJ swimming spots on this map, some in Ramapo Reservation!

Hemlock Falls (South Orange, New Jersey)

Checking out a waterfall is the perfect warm-weather adventure, but bundling up and exploring during the winter can add another element to a natural landmark. Hemlock Falls in South Orange NJ is one of the places we love in the winter because a person can capture the snowfall building upon the rocks setting up for a spectacular glimpse of the season. Check out our South Mountain Reservation guide for tips on this waterfall and more.

Peanut Leap Cascade (Alpine, New Jersey)


Last but certainly not least, check out Peanut Leap in Palisades Park. Not sure who named this waterfall, but the views along the Hudson — with giant rocks, towering walls, and lush vegetation — are a sight to behold! Check out the hike in the spring or summer for the waterfall experience. Our Palisades Park guide has more information, too!

Only a few spots made this list, but honestly, there are so many waterfall sights out there to be seen in New Jersey. Add a pitstop to your next hike or road trip (check out our waterfall map!), learn how to take stunning waterfall photos, and find time take in the rushing streams of these falls.

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