Exclusive Patron Meetup: Stumpy’s Hatchet House

Thursday, April 25th, the NJspots Team was excited to host our Exclusive Inner-Circle Meetup for our Patrons. Visiting our friends at Stumpy’s Hatchet House in Eatontown, we were joined by Patrons Bob, Jimmy, and team member Sean for a night of axe-throwing.

We were excited to hit the pits and get some “axe therapy” in! Along with some pizza and refreshments, we were chatting about some of our favorite topics like Instagram, photography, and New Jersey. See some of the photos below from the night taken by our Patron Jimmy Kastner.

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NJspots is all about the community. We were started with the intention to stop stereotype of this state by sharing amazing places and we continue to find more and more people that share the same passion. Some of the most passionate community members that we are pleased to be joined by are our Patrons.

Through the NJspots Patreon Page, we have the unique opportunity and pleasure to be funded and supported by our Patrons. Below are our most loyal members of our Inner-Circle. These members are passionate about our cause and community. We are pleased to have them be a part of this amazing group of photographers that love New Jersey.

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