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Photo Editing Contest

NJspots & Inner-Circle Patrons Jimmy Kastner & Dave Norton, are excited to bring this special contest to the NJspots community.

How To Participate

Fellow Patrons of NJspots have joined this contest by uploading their favorite landscape shot they have taken in New Jersey. Below are their unedited photos that are eligible for the contest. Here’s how to participate in this contest:

  1. Pick One (or more) of the below photos to download. Click the link below to download the large file to your computer or mobile device.
  2. Edit the downloaded photo any way you choose (Lightroom, Photoshop, mobile apps, etc.)
  3. Upload the edited photo to Instagram (must be a public account) and tag #NJspotsSwap, the original photographer (usernames below photos), & @NJspots in your caption.
  4. Deadline is 6/30/19 – Any photos uploaded afterwards will not qualify.
  5. [Optional] Ask followers and friends to help share your photo too.

How To Win

The participating Patrons below that have shared their photos and the NJspots Team will vote and choose a winner based on the creativity and uniqueness of the edited photo. Keep in mind that the above rules must be adhered to in order to qualify.

Prizes Available

1st Place Winner will have their edited photo featured and shared on NJspots social media channels, website, and email list. Also, they will receive an NJspots Prize Pack including a hat, stickers, and t-shirt.
2nd & 3rd Place Runner Ups will receive a sticker pack from NJspots and mentioned on the NJspots website.

Download Photo for Editing Contest

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