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NJspots Winter Photo Contest

Rules & Prizes

We Want To See Your Winter! After a great photo contest for 2018, we wanted to greet the coldest time of year with a hot photo contest to warm our shutters up for Spring. Join the NJspots Winter Photo Contest by sharing your best photo from Winter.


Contest Rules:

  • Participants Can Enter Photo from 2/13/18 to 3/15/19
  • One Photo Entry Per Person
  • Photo must have been taken during winter months (December-March)
  • Photo must be taken within New Jersey, but doesn't have to be of "New Jersey"
    • Ex: Your photo can be of the NYC skyline, but had to have been taken in New Jersey, like Jersey City
  • By entering your photo into the contest you give NJspots the permission to share your photo through our website, social media channels, and email newsletters.

Voting Rules:

  • Users can vote for as many photos (only one vote per photo)
  • Voting ends 3/31/19
  • Votes count for 60% of choosing the winner.
  • The NJspots Team votes will count towards 40% of the winner.
    • The NJspots Team will be choosing the best photo based on composition, uniqueness, and creativity.


  • 1st Place: The winner with the high amount of votes & also chosen by our team.
    • Photo shared on NJspots Instagram, Facebook,  Twitter
    • Photo shared on NJspots Website
    • Photo will be created into a custom phone case available for sale on the NJspots website.
      • Winner will receive one phone case with their photo on it.
      • With every sale, NJspots will donate 100% of proceeds to the winner's favorite charity during 2019.
    • Winner will receive NJspots Gear pack including stickers, Pop Socket, and more.
  • 2nd Place & 3rd Place: The photo with high votes and high votes from NJspots Team.
    • Runner Ups will receive NJspots sticker pack.