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4 Apps for Predicting Sunsets & Sunrises

The days are getting longer and the sun is showing off a multitude of colors streaming across the sky. When you see the clouds moving and the colors flashing across the sky, it’s an amazing feeling to be able to capture it on camera and share your view with the world. The hardest part is… (more…)


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Photo Guide: How To Take Photos of Waterfalls

Since the release of the NJspots Maps, the Waterfalls and Lookout Spots map has been one of the more popular maps and rightfully so. In the world of travel and social media, it seems like all the trendy influencers are taking photos in front of massive waterfalls. But here in New Jersey, we like to think you are looking to explore them for different reasons. (more…)

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Photo Guide: Drone Photography & Flying Around New Jersey

Tips on Finding Places to Fly in NJ (& Any Other Place You Travel To)

Living in NJ for a majority of my life and growing up doing photography here, you’d think I would run out of places to shoot. I have to be honest, I feel like I have but at the same time I continue to look for more and more places every day. I’ve heard from a lot of people say that NJ is boring and that there’s nowhere to really shoot. I’ve heard that you have to travel to take good pictures and all these other wild things that aren’t true at all. My theory is that if you look hard enough, you can find a lot of very interesting things to shoot. (more…)

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Photo Guide: Ideas For Shooting Photos In The Snow

Spring is here! We are having fun welcoming the spring flowers 4th Nor’Easter of the month. Blanketing the state of New Jersey with potentially another foot of snow, the NJspots Team is sharing our desire for sunnier days and warmer temperatures. But until Mother Nature decides to cooperate we have some tips and creative ides for shooting photos in the snow. So kick off that blanket, jump off your couch, layer up, and head into the wall of white for some creative photos to end the winter season with. (more…)

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Photo Guide: Astro Photography Part 2

What’s up guys!

A while back, we created a post describing where to get SWEET Milky Way shots in New Jersey. (Check it out here!) This part 2 of the guide will teach you exactly what settings and gear you may want to try when it comes to shooting The Galaxy.

Let’s Recap:

What you should be looking for before starting to tackle the night sky.

  1. Clear sky.

  2. NEW MOON.

  3. Areas with low light pollution.


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