15 Amazing Outdoor Hangout Spots in New Jersey

NY skyline, view from beach/grass area

If you’re looking for spots to hang your hammock, get outside (safely!) with friends and family, or just chill for the day, this is the article for you.  Check out this list of outdoor hangout spots, which has everything from fields with a city view, to short hikes that will take you to a waterfall. […]

South Jersey’s Maurice River Bluffs Preserve

Yellow grass, rippling water in foreground house in background with tree line

If you’re looking for a quiet escape in South Jersey and a chance to observe birds, climb on some concrete ruins, or a quiet walk along the river, this is definitely a place you’ll want on your list.

A Day Trip: Explore Two Abandoned Spots in Bergen County

Follow Our Writer I think my love of abandoned places goes back to my childhood.  Every day after school my best friend and I would take off on our bikes to some of the last remnants of Old Motor Parkway on Long Island to explore this relic from 1908.  Something about the crumbling highway and […]

Hiking Through the Unexpected Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey

Follow Our Writer Previous Next Follow on AllTrails In 1961 ecology was not a “thing”; people weren’t talking about conservation and natural habitats for wildlife in the general population. Most people were discussed  consumerism and modernization. Cavit and Hope Sawyer Buyukmichi weren’t like most people. In 1961 they purchased land in rural Buena Vista Township […]

Exploring Abandoned Spot of Dickerson Mine Preserve

Decaying blue car in forest

Follow Our Writer Previous Next Follow on AllTrails New Jersey has a long history of mining minerals such as: iron, copper, and zinc. Mining began here in the 1600’s when Dutch settlers first started searching for copper along the Delaware. In Mine Township in Morris County, Dickerson Mine Preserve is a 280-acre park featuring nine […]

Search for Mushrooms Abbott’s Marsh & Bordentown Bluffs Trail

Follow Our Writer Previous Next Follow on AllTrails “Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.”  – Napoleon Bonaparte. When Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated at Waterloo in 1815, he was exiled to the island of Elba; but did you know his brother Joseph was much more fortunate? He fled to the US and established a 60-acre […]

Mount Rose Preserve

Follow Our Writer Previous Next Follow on AllTrails In 1958 Western Electric, later to become AT&T, built the nation’s first corporate campus for research and education on Carter Road in Hopewell Township. One of the many advances to come out of this facility is lasers. In 2016 this campus was torn down and became a […]