I was born and raised in New Jersey. Monmouth county resident all my life. I started doing professional video productions when I was about 15. Lost interest by time I was about 21. Not exactly sure why I lost interest, but I sold my video camera and used the money to by a photography camera. Liked the freedom that came with it since I wasn’t doing it for work, but as a hobby.

I instantly fell in love with that freedom and used  photography as an excuse to travel and stay out late when I should have been studying. I constantly find myself searching for NJ based photos. I think my favorite part about photography, is that photographers can continuously shoot the same subject time after time and still seem to find unique perspectives and have each photo stand alone. There is an indescribable attraction I find to NJ. The fact that you can go from hiking part of the Appalachian to sitting on the beach watching sunset within the same day is something special.

When I look behind the lens, I try and look for emotion. I try to capture an image that will make the audience feel something rather than just see it. John Berger once said something in his “Ways of Seeing” that basically said, the way we see images is different than the way they were intended to been seen due to photography and reproduction of images. The intended meaning of the images have been lost and replaced by simplistic meanings seen on the surface of the image. He explains that we as viewers attach words to images helping to explain their meanings. I don’t want to transmit words through my photos as much as I want to transmit feelings through them.

I think photography is an excellent way to preserve a memory and tell a story.  In a world of instant gratification and little patience, I’m just trying to capture something worth remembering or looking at twice.

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Camera Equipment: Canon 5d Mark iii; Sony A7r; Canon L Series 24-70mm 2.8f; Canon L Series 50mm 1.4f; Canon L Series 16-35 2.8; Tamron 12mm