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9 Top Spots for Mountain Biking in New Jersey

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Get out on your bike and into the elements! We’ve created a mountain bike map to help you plan your next adventure. Use this as a tool to get you started.

Some of the popular spots are here, but we also bring some insider spots from our team members too. These mountain bike spots will surely have you coming back for more.

Allaire State Park

Allaire State Park sports several mountain bike trails, but you’ll also be sharing them with equestrians and hikers, so be careful! This state park has a lot of trails full of twists and turns, so hold onto your handle bars!

Our writer Bri in Allaire State Park

Wharton State Forest

Ride deep into the Pinelands in Wharton State Forest. There are five bike-only trails through the South Jersey brush, surrounded in sand and pine trees. Park at Batsto Village to start your day.

Clayton Park

Bikers will see wetlands, a stream, and forested area on the six miles of “rugged, but mostly moderate” trails on their trip to Clayton Park in Upper Freehold.

Hartshorne Woods Park

Mountain bike near the ocean and Navesink River at Hartshorne Woods Park! More moderate and advanced riders will enjoy the hilly trails with steep descents, all with views of the Atlantic.

Washington Valley Park

The five trails in Washington Valley Park, also known as Chimney Rock Park, all loop around two reservoirs, a waterfall, and a hawk watch area.

From JORBA: “The operative word at Chimney Rock is “ROCK” – there are lots of them, small ones, large ones, and even some sloping exposed rock faces to ride up. There are also a lot of tree roots, stream crossings, and steep hills. Generally, the trails (with a couple exceptions) are technically and physically demanding.

Photo courtesy of our writer Bri!

Allamuchy State Park

Allamuchy State Park is a great place for beginner and advanced mountain bikers and alike. If you’re just getting started, head to “Deer Park,” the southern part of the park, but if you’re up for a challenge, head up to Allamuchy North.

Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek is a little different experience for bikers, boasting a maintained bike park with 52 trails including jumps and other features. Even though you need a daily pass to access this park, it’s worth it to try it out for the day.

Mercer County Park

There are four trails in Mercer County Park for mountain bikers, but you have to share with hikers. On your ride, you’re surrounded by Lake Mercer, a golf course, and fields in Central New Jersey.

Six Mile Run Reservoir

Six Mile Run Reservoir has several unique mountain biking trails, starting with “the twisties.” Wherever you go, this route is near water, so be careful after it rains.

Our writer Bri in Allaire State Park

Check out the full Mountain Biking & Kayak Spots Map in NJ for the perfect adrenaline rush. And see JORBA (Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association) for more parks and trails.

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