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7 Things To Do While You’re Stuck At Home

Some people have the option to work from home remotely, but other job positions don’t allow for that or are not providing that option. So you may find yourself have some extra free time during the COVID-19 crisis that New Jersey (and the world) is currently dealing with.

To help you with this, we have a list of some things to do while you are at home.

While our community loves to encourage you to enjoy the outdoors and various places to visit around our state, we encourage you to stay home and help stop the spread. While we may not be able to gather at a meetup right now, we have some fun ways you can still be part of our community or things you can do while at home.

Join Our Slack Community!

Dozens of photographers, of all levels, are constantly chatting and communicating via our NJspots Slack Community. Whether they are discussing the latest gear they want to save up for, asking about technique, sharing their experiences with clients, and so much more. Join today and meet some new community members, no social-distancing required!

Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Right now we are hosting our Macro – At Home Photo Contest. This allows our creative community to may try something they never have in macro-photography (don’t worry we have a guide to get you started!). We are hosting the contest now through Mid-May, so be sure to get your photo added and share to get some votes too!

Work On Your Website

Photographers (or any freelancer)! — this is a great opportunity for you to look at your current website or online profile and update it. Upload some of your newer work or photos. Refresh your online design or reach out to new potential clientele too. We put together this guide to help you do some things at home to better yourself.

Have You Seen Our Maps Yet?

One of the cooler features of NJspots is our maps. These are a good place to find new spots to visit or plan your next New Jersey road trip. With a wide variety of interests from waterfalls to sunrise spots, the maps of NJspots have something for everyone. Check them out and plan your next adventure we are able to go back to exploring.

Organize Yourself for Success

Whether you are a photographer or an entrepreneur, this is a great time to change your focus and adjust the ways you do some things to benefit your business. Like we mentioned earlier, you can start by updating your website — but this may also be a good time to get organized. We put together a guide of services (some for free!) and tools to help you get started.

Plan Your Next Vacation

Future travel may be different after this, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan your next trip! Maybe you stay local and take a road trip. Or maybe you plan to visit family in another part of the country. Or maybe you plan a bunch of day trips in the area!

No matter what level of travel you feel comfortable with, giving yourself something to look forward to is good for your soul.

Meet Local Creators (Virtually!)

We have been highlighting the work in our new Feature Friday Series. We have been interviewing NJspots Patrons & Slack Community members to learn more about their craft, their goals, favorite spots in New Jersey, and more. Take some time and browse through some of them, you may find your next favorite Instagrammer!

Stay Home & Stay Positive

Soon enough we will all be able to go back outdoors and explore some of our favorite NJspots and visit new ones around New Jersey. Until then, enjoy some of the great content we have here at and stay safe.

NJspots is a growing community. By sharing you can help.

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