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4 Spots To Watch The Sunrise & Sunset in South Jersey

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Purples and pinks streak across the backdrop of Philadelphia. Deep swirls of magenta and bright orange paint the atmosphere over the Sea Isle and Avalon bay. These beautiful moments are brought to you by none other than mother nature. And New Jersey has some amazing areas where you can watch (and photograph) her show at your leisure. The following list adds new spots to the list of Sunrise and Sunset spots first published in 2016, but with a special focus on the areas in Southern New Jersey.

1. Sunset Beach, Cape May

Sunset Beach is very popular among locals and tourists alike as it is one of the only spots where the sunsets on the beach in New Jersey! Also, this is a popular spot for the history buffs; the SS Atlantus Shipwreck – one of 12 concrete ships built after World War 1 – left an interesting mark on this beach’s horizon line (pictured below).

Sunset Beach is near Cape May Point Lighthouse in Cape May Point State Park. This is another great place to watch the sunset – if you are feeling like you want get your steps in before you relax and watch mother nature do her thing. In order to see this sunset view you need to treck-up the steep 200 staircase. By mid-August the sun will start setting by the 8 p.m., closing time, so its best to visit here earlier in the year. Admission to the lighthouse is $7 adults, $3 for children

2. Sunset or Sunrise at Townsends Inlet, Sea Isle City

This NJspot which separates Sea Isle City, NJ from Avalon, NJ, allows you to watch the sunset over the bay or the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean – at the same time! This gives you the unique opportunity to watch the effects of the sunset afterglow (as I like to call it) on the opposite side of the atmosphere from where the direct sun is rising. These afterglows as pictured below, can often light up clouds in deep pinks and purples across the darkening blue sky, leaving you with some pretty tranquil and peaceful views to end your day.


3. Sunset at Camden Waterfront

While most people wouldn’t necessarily think of traveling to Camden to watch one of natures wonders, this NJspot, is excellent for watching the sunset as a backdrop behind the Philadelphia Skyline. This is also an added bonus in the summertime for concerts goers, as sunsets can be watched from the top of the Susquehanna Bank Center Field.

4. Sunset at Mullica Hill, NJ

This NJspot is home to some lovely antique shops and some awesome vineyards with a view. In particular, The Heritage Vineyard. This NJspot has some beautiful rolling hills covered in grape vines which result in a very picturesque site as the sunsets over these fields everyday.

Find your favorite NJspots and places to visit, photography, and explore through our Sunrise & Sunset Map!


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