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4 Spots to Watch the Sunrise and Sunset in North Jersey

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New Jersey has some of the top places to watch the sunrise and sunset. So sit back, relax, and watch the show at these amazing spots in North Jersey.

1. Mount Tammany (Knowlton Township)

One of our top spots (for a reason!) you can see amazing views from the peak, both of our great state and of Pennsylvania across the Delaware Water Gap. So after a good climb, you can sit back and enjoy the sunrise or sunset from this amazing viewpoint overlooking the Delaware River.

Ready to hike Mount Tammany? Here’s your guide.

2. Eagle Rock Reservation (West Orange, NJ)

Eagle Rock Reservation is a beautiful spot with a skyline view of New York City. Set up the tripod and get ready for the sky to be set ablaze with an amazing sunset all year round.

3. High Point Monument (Montague Township)

The highest point in New Jersey is a great spot to view the sunset over the eastern portion of Pennsylvania, or the sunrise from the other direction! This is just one of the great state parks to explore in New Jersey.

4. Lake Mohawk (Sparta Township)

The sunsets here are amazing, with the vast view of the lake and mountains around it. Go in the summer and walk the boardwalk around the lake and check out the shops and restaurants, too. And bonus — this is the hometown of our NJspots founder Virginia!

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