I can’t believe I’m typing this. I can’t believe this number. I don’t even know if I can count that high!

Since 2015, #NJspots has been a staple New Jersey specific hashtag on Instagram but it’s more than a few characters and clickable link on the popular photo app.

It’s a community. With over 300 people that have come to our meetups and workshops, it’s become a place to gather. Meet new people. Exchange ideas. Make connections.

It’s a source for adventure. With over 15 different writers, we have shared dozens of some of our favorite places around the Garden State. We continue to explore new places and inspire others to discover their own.

It’s a family. With over 10 team members through the years, we have continued to communicate and moderate some of the most amazing photos and places that have been photographed around this state.

It’s a household name. Because of the amazing community continuing to use our hashtag, #NJspots has become a place to find the best of New Jersey.

Thank you so much for all those that have continued to show the amazing gems that this state has to offer. We continue to look forward to see another 300,000 photos you tag along you adventures through New Jersey.

– Virginia Buechel, Founder

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