3 Tools for Planning Your Photos on Vacation

Virginia taking photo of red rocks
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Your excitement is building up. You’re waiting for the email from your airlines telling you to check into your flight. You start to get giddy in anticipation for your next adventure. You start to pack your camera gear.

Taking photos on vacation is an exciting part of traveling. You get to see new subjects and new places, all while new photo ideas rush through your head as you’re trying to soak it all in.

Tools To Plan Photos on Vacation

Below are some of the apps that I use to plan my vacations and also where I’m going to be taking photos while traveling.

Google Maps: Google Maps is a very integral part of my travel plans. 

I often plan out custom maps for every trip which include destinations, hotels, airports, food spots, and of course places I want to take photos.

Photos on Vacation, 3 Tools for Planning Your Photos on Vacation

Explore Our NJspots Maps for Local Photo Spots

Planit Pro: On some of my trips I plan very specific photo shoots, like capturing the Milky Way, experiencing a sunrise, or hiking a new area. 

When I wanna get very specific about the best time of day or spot to take those photos, I use Planit Pro with a variety of tools To help plan with the logistics of setting up.

Also: Check Out Travel Planner for Specific Events

Instagram: Not only is Instagram great for sharing your travel photos, but it’s a great tool to research them. Often times I’ll stalk our locations for a few weeks leading up to my trip to see how the scenes and weather looks.

Also, if there are local photographers in that area that seem familiar with it, often times I will DM then asking for advice or some insider knowledge. One of my favorite things to do leading up to a trip is ask my own followers if they have been before and if they have some information to share.

Travel Light

When traveling, I like to have a very light load of gear, which is why I switched to a Sony camera. I like to be in the moment while traveling and not focus too much attention on taking photos, so that’s why I generally will spend about an hour or so planning some places I definitely want to capture.

I hope you can take some good information from these tools I use when traveling and taking photos. Please feel free to email me with any travel questions or plans you have.

Comment below with your favorite tools for travel photography!

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