6 of the Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps to Try Right Now

6 of the Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps to Try Right Now

iOS 13 has a whole new slew of editing tools for you to explore — from auto editing, to vibrance, to saturation, to cropping. And with the new features of the dual camera on the iPhone 11 — Ultra Wide, Night Mode, an upgraded Portrait Mode, Smart HDR, Quick Take, and Slofie — you will never want to stop taking photos and videos!

But if you want to branch out from your iPhone editor and take your editing skills to the next level, check out these photo editing apps that work best with your iPhone.

Check out our iPhone photography guide to get the best out of your photos first, too!


Price: $2.99

Priime features “wide-color support” editing features — perfect for capturing edits in every pixel of your low-light Night Mode photos and Wide Angle shots. It will also work perfectly with all the new Portrait Lighting Control modes on iOS13 that let you change the intensity of light.

This app also gives you smart suggestions to get the best out of your iPhone 11 shots, and offers you your full edit history on your photo so you can go back to those settings over and over again. 

Priime is also our founder’s favorite iPhone editing app! See her review here.



Price: (free)

This app is a go-to editing app for many photographers, and the features are why! You can either edit your portraits with the presets in the “looks” menu, or finetune your image with dozens of options in the “tools” menu.

The precision tuning in Snapseed allows you to focus on any aspect of your wide angle photo or night mode photo to get the best edit you desire. You can also adjust curves or white balance just as you would on desktop editing platforms — but you’re doing it straight from your phone instead. The “face enhance” and “face pose” editing options in Snapseed are perfect for the new iPhone 11 Portrait Mode settings.

The app also gives you tutorials and photo editing tips, which is perfect when you’re trying to plan out your shots.


Lightroom Mobile

(free — premium version available)

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best free editing apps on the market right now. Lightroom has a large variety of presets, color modes, and color mixers to use to get the best out of your low-light Night Mode photos.

Their “auto” mode automatically adjusts light, color, and more to get the best photo you can get. You can also adjust detail and optics. It has recently been updated with support for the new iPhone 11 cameras, too.

And the best part — you don’t even have to have an Adobe subscription to use the free features of this app. But you can unlock the premium version for RAW editing, a healing brush, and Creative Cloud storage, too. This is my favorite iPhone editing app, by far!



Price: $5.99

The Moment app brings professional camera controls to your brand new iPhone 11. You can manually control your shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and focus, so you feel like you’re really shooting with a DSLR!

This app also enables to shoot and edit in RAW, a photo and video file type that allows you to easily edit your photos and alter the resolution of your videos. You can take your video editing to the next level here too — there are dozens of features for video editors to play around with.

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ProCam 7

Price: $5.99

ProCam 7 affords you the luxury to edit photos straight from your camera roll OR shoot straight from the app. With shooting modes for Portrait Mode, Night Mode, Video, and Timelapse, this app works seamlessly with the iPhone 11 camera modes.

You can also change resolution in video mode, shutter speed in photo mode, and time lapse frame rate in time lapse mode.



(free — premium options available starting at $1.99 per month)

Tezza is the perfect app to use if you want to work from simple presets and editing tools for your iPhone 11 photos. This app will make the new and improved Portrait Photos pop! You can also create templates for your Instagram stories and posts, too.

The best part about Tezza is their unique filters, which are perfect for Night Mode photos. 

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