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Top 10 Places & Things To Do Memorial Day Weekend In New Jersey

Top 10 Places & Things To Do Memorial Day Weekend In New Jersey

Now that “summer” is officially (but also, unofficially) here, well you catch our drift – it’s time to go outside and enjoy the weather here in New Jersey. This Memorial Day Weekend is a great time to get out and explore some of the best spots and places around the state. We have a list of our Top 10 NJspots guides to exploring New Jersey this Memorial Day Weekend. We have something for everyone!

Hike Mount Tammany

North Jersey – Columbia, NJ

One of the most popular and exhilarating hikes in New Jersey overlooks the Delaware Water Gap. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, we suggest setting that alarm EARLY.


4 Spots for Sunrises & Sunsets in South Jersey

South Jersey

Get out early to watch the sun dance colors across the sky in the morning or grab a blanket and watch the sunset in the evening. We have some of the top places to watch the sun in South Jersey.


It’s Strawberry Picking Time in New Jersey

New Jersey

Grab the spring’s first fruit and find yourself a farm to visit this weekend. We have a list of farms around that you can visit this Memorial Day Weekend in New Jersey for some strawberry picking!



Visit A Different Kind Of Boardwalk

North Jersey – Vernon, NJ

Ready for some hiking? Visit this section of the Appalachian Trail in North Jersey for some adventurous hiking on the Pochuck Boardwalk through the marshlands. Read our guide and lace up your boots!


Looking To Avoid The Weekend Crowds?

New Jersey

We have some of the best places that people usually DON’T go to! Skip the popular places and visit these off-the-beaten spots instead! Check out a variety of places across New Jersey.


5 Waterfall Hikes In New Jersey

North Jersey

Ready to chase waterfalls? No soundtrack required, but cameras are! You definitely don’t want to miss out on these spots to watch waterfalls around New Jersey. Grab your hiking boots!


Visit The New Jersey Lighthouses

Jersey Shore

We have a great list of the most photographed lighthouses in New Jersey. Head the shore this holiday weekend and visit some of the lighthouses along the coast. Be sure to tag #NJspots when you’re there!


6 Breweries To Visit With Your Dog

New Jersey

Who is a better drinking friend, than man’s best friend! Bring your pup and thirst to visit these dog-friendly breweries around New Jersey. Please be sure to check with them and respect the leash-laws. We don’t need any drunk doggies walking around!


Explore The Jersey Pinelands

South Jersey

Grab a 4-wheel drive and enter the Pinelands. With miles and miles of trails to explore and some unique spots along the way, you may be looking out for the Jersey Devil if you get too consumed in the Pinelands. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


delaware water gap

4 Spots To Watch The Sunsets in North Jersey

North Jersey

Ready to watch the sunset this weekend? Check out these top spots across North New Jersey for sunset vistas. Also included, are some great spots to watch the sunrise too, if you want to set your alarm early!


Thanks for following NJspots and checking out some of our best guides for places to visit and things to do this Memorial Day Weekend in New Jersey! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share your activities this weekend.

Have a Happy & Safe Memorial Day Weekend!


Virginia, NJspots Founder

Founded by Virginia in 2015, NJspots is a place where New Jersey natives and visitors can find amazing photos taken around the state while discovering new spots to explore. With over 227,000 tags used on Instagram, NJspots is the place to go to find your next new spot in New Jersey to adventure to. Virginia has a passion for sharing these great spots and experiences people can have in NJ and also sharing the great photos along the way.

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