10 Best Museums in New Jersey

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Looking for something to do on a rainy day or just looking to explore all the arts, culture, and history that the state has to offer?

Head to these top 10 museums around New Jersey where you’ll find art, design, architecture, and of course lots of activities those of all ages can enjoy, appreciate, and remember around the Garden State.

Liberty Science Center (Jersey City)

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Located in Liberty State Park, the Liberty Science Center is a state-of-the-art science museum and an ideal spot for families with children in mind with their endless array of hands on activities — and also boasts more than a hundred galleries, as well as an IMAX theatre for one-of-a-kind experiences exploring the depths of the galaxies! Enjoy LSC After Dark events for adults, too.

New Jersey State Museum (Trenton)

The New Jersey State Museum offers a glimpse into the state’s historic and natural past to the time of the Revolutionary War all the way back to pre-historic times, as well as houses a collection of fine art. The museum also features a planetarium for viewing documentaries and educational programs on these fields of interest.

Montclair Art Museum (Montclair)

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This eclectic museum houses notable American art and Native American objects of history as well as antique jewelry and plenty of educational programs for children and families. The Montclair Art Museum is a bright, airy museum that takes you from contemporary perspectives (we have visited one of these before!) to paintings of the local area and region to exquisite Native American history to observe and admire. On select weekends there are family-oriented programs where one can partake in hands-on activities with drawing and painting to countless other creative options! 

New Jersey State Police Museum (Ewing Township)

The New Jersey State Police Museum delves into the history of the State Police as well as the history surrounding crime detection. For those who have a keen interest in mystery or crime cases — this museum is for you! Witness vintage police cars and other rare finds, the various exhibits will allow a greater insight and understanding of being in the police force and what it takes to be a cop. 

Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey (Teterboro)

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Located at the Teterboro Airport, the Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey contains notable vintage model aircraft, an interactive experience on aerodynamics, as well as other various artifacts and exhibits to discover and explore. One can learn about flying an aircraft to the history of their ingenuity as a modern marvel of innovation. 

Franklin Mineral Museum (Franklin)

Franklin Mineral Museum in New Jersey

For geology enthusiasts, the Franklin Mineral Museum is a science museum that offers a history in the region’s zinc mines as well as the field of geology. View different types of minerals and crystals that lay beneath the surface that await to be explored and gaining a deeper understanding on the nature of the Garden State.

Princeton University Art Museum (Princeton Campus)

Located at this prestigious ivy-league institution, the Princeton University Art Museum, a free admission and open to the public museum that offers over 80,000 ancient pieces and contemporary artworks in a medieval atmosphere. Wander past incredible artifacts of ancient history or admire modern art masterpieces. The museum is located within the charming grounds of the university where one can feel transported into a fairytale (and check out downtown Princeton while you’re at it!).

Grounds For Sculpture (Hamilton)

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The acres and acres of artistic masterpieces are a sight to behold! Grounds For Sculpture is a bountiful outdoor park for contemporary sculptures, which includes two museums and an arboretum. Wander past unique forms of contemporary artwork, sit and enjoy the scenery with a good book in hand, write, or just enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of this majestic place — you might even get lost!

Garden State Discovery Museum (Cherry Hill)

This unique children’s museum offers interactive exhibits and hands-on activities for families and bringing them into a world of creativity and imagination. The Garden State Discovery Museum allows one to discover the history, culture, and art of the state in a children’s perspective with an emphasis on educational roles of learning.

Newark Museum (Newark)

Located steps away from the Rutgers University Newark Campus and Washington Park, the Newark Museum is an art museum that houses American art, plenty of unique finds and artifacts, a planetarium, and even an interactive nature exhibition. Gaze past impeccable sculptures and art or grab a seat at the planetarium for wonderful displays of nature and the galaxies beyond!

These museums offer a little something for everyone from art and culture to nature and history across the state of New Jersey. They’re all ideal for families and those of all ages to discover and explore and grow a deeper admiration and appreciation of the Garden State. All of these will make your visit an enjoyable and memorable one!

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